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Call on the Mother


Deep inside of you there is sweet harmony behind all the chaos of life.
There is a simple order in the love that is born from your spiritual heart that goes beyond the complications that life brings.
It is a matter of allowing the love that you already have to come to the surface of who you are.
When you are quiet, there are always flashes of intuition that make themselves known.
The lake of your mind stays calm and still when you call on the Universal Mother.
She is kind and gentle and filled with eyes of compassion.
She consumes all that is negative and brings you to the endless bliss of harmony and liberation.
She takes from your life all the rumble of self doubt.
She brings you expansion of the Self.
All the Divine forms aid the mind to move towards the Supreme Self.
They let you know that this world does not exist in itself.
The Divine forms help you cut through all the Maya (illusion) that the ego puts forth as obstacles toward liberation.

Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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