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Breathing In and Out


Do not get so involved in the holidays that you forget to breathe with awareness. The breath is your connection to the Universal Mother.

One should rejoice in the joys of the breath.
This leads to the development of great strength.
By watching your breath, depression can be driven away.
The breath is the beginning of your spiritual power.
The breath bestows great possibility for you to practice intense meditation on the Mother without being disturbed by negative forces of disharmony and malice.

If you do the simple meditation of counting your breath, counting seven in and seven out and gradually increase the count as you focus on the breath, soon you will be taken in by the Mother Herself. You take your mind out of the ego’s clutches as you say to yourself all day long,“Breathe in and breathe out; breathe in and breathe out.”
The Mother’s voice will enter into your mind, and you will hear the Mother’s voice counting instead of your own.
Yes, it is this simple.

I have seen so many going deeper simply by starting with the counting of the breath.
Breathe in and breathe out.
Do it now as you read these words.
Breathe in and breathe out.
Create your own rhythm.
I will help you all this day.

You will find that by watching your breath, you are infusing joy into your heart.
Take your time – breathe in, and breathe out.
I love you all so very much.
Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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