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Breathe in Awareness


To live life fully, you need to face the negativity in your life – and then let go.
There is the fear that you will not be able to handle negativity or past pain.
Yet the Universal Mother is within you to help you drop your fears one by one, bone by bone.
She teaches you to understand your deep-rooted courage.

She gives you space and time to learn how to face fears and negativity.
She teaches you to walk through the quick sand of pain without being touched by the flames of negativity.
What if you knew deep in your heart that you have enough strength to beat anything dark inside of you?
Each and every one of you has got this strength.
You may have forgotten, yet it is still there.

Your breath can take you into the third chakra where your power is stored; you only have to breathe in and out of the belly to reactivate it.
You have to make peace with your life and let go of the trance that the ego has got you in.
You are not powerless or alone.
The essential part of this Teaching is to touch your peace, self-love, and courage.

You are sitting in the center of the lotus.
You touch the pain of unworthiness and you breathe in awareness; the rhythm of the heart is to listen and discover this great space of awareness.
These qualities of love and awareness sometimes are covered by fear.
As you sit quietly and breathe deeply, you bring the space of awareness.
Meditation brings back the empty space of the great sky.
Look deeply into the sky, and know what is going on inside of you.
Connect with what is within your heart.

Feel life from the inside going outward and know everything is from within.
You cannot bring peace to your family or the world if you don’t know that peace and love flow through you 24 hours a day.
Watching or counting your breath brings awareness to your natural flow.

As you live in the ego-trance, it feels that so many want to hurt you; the more you obsess over the ego thought, the more it digs in.
Pay attention for a few seconds to the waves of sadness inside of you.
Find the heaviness in your body; give it room, and watch how it begins to disappear.
Give your thoughts as much space as you think they want; you will realize that thoughts of sadness will begin to fade when you think purposely of another thought that brings you happiness.
Listen to your thoughts and do not get attached to them; then let them go into a larger space of joy.
Begin to emerge out of the trance of the ego, saying to yourself, “It is just a thought, just a thought.”

I love you all.
Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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