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Breath to Consume Negativity


The Mother trusts you with Her Earth.
Many have used Mother as a sanctuary, and this is perfect.
You have to have time to process out any negativity that is in you.
When you see yourself as more and more prosperous, negativity leaves you.
Little by little it begins to leave.
Negativity has no place in your being.

We are all a reflection of the Mother.
Therefore, we know deep in our hearts that negativity does not belong to us.
You have to believe in yourself as the Mother sees you.
You have such a beautiful energy in you and all around you.
You can come into an energy that is totally positive.This is your inner learning.
It never leaves you.
It is just in a fog that the ego covers you with.

You also have the ability to fix yourself if you have to.
Sit quietly and find any negativity that you feel roaming around in you.
Take in a slow and gentle breath, hold it for a moment, and exhale.
Take another breath in deeply to the core of your being.
Be aware.
With your closed eyes, be aware of a beautiful field that you are walking in.
You are walking up a hill; and now you are sitting down with your back straight.
Follow your breath.
Feel your body becoming more and more relaxed.
Take a slow and gentle breath in.
Relax the muscles in your hands.

Sit in nature, and be aware of your breath.
The breath becomes like a life force.
You can feel a deep sense of security.
Then open your eyes; feel that you and nature are one – that you and your Mother are one.
Allow this space to hold you
Now repeat to yourself, “I am free” – and so you are.
There are no limitations in you.
Again you say, “I am free.”
Meditation consumes all negativity, and indeed you are free.
Take a deep breath of joy, and let out joy.
Take a deep breath of happiness, and let out happiness.
Feel Light all around you.
Feel Light in you.
You are Light, and Light is you.

I love you all.
Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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