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Breath for Everyday Situations


When someone is angry at you, you recognize the feeling of contraction in your chest.
When you recognize rising tension and irritation, take a deep breath; that pause will bring you instantaneous acknowledgment, and you instantly feel an awareness of the situation.
With this pause you are consuming the anger.

Watching your breath in any situation will provide you with a kind of sensitivity and potential for the right choice when you are about to face old patterns.
When you are caught in patterns of complexity, it is difficult to recognize the simplicity of your own transformation.
When you get used to meditation, it comes in and helps you in any situation.
For instance, when you breathe in and out every chakra from the base of the spine and upward, you are making yourself a map on how to live in the breath.
When you reach the seventh chakra and you breathe out, breathe in at the base of the spine.
When you are breathing in and out the base of the spine, ask Ganesha to remove all obstacles as Kundalini rises easily in each and every chakra.

Do this seven times, always bringing your awareness to Lord Ganesha.
After seven times, just let the beauty of the breath take you for however long you can sit.
This type of breathing helps you out in everyday situations.
Get to know Lord Ganesha, and He will get to know you.
He will make it known that He knows and loves you.

I love you all so very much.
Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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