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The Breath of Commitment


There is no separation between the created and the Creator.
When the illusion of reality of the separate self is removed, there is joy in the gracious space of the body, mind, soul, and spirit.
When you practice meditation, depression in the world can begin to melt away.
The seeking of enlightenment is a major commitment.

It is the joy of most human pursuits if you learn how to enjoy the Journey.
It all begins with commitment.
When the commitment is strong, your will becomes parallel with the will of the Universal Mother.
The dance of the Mother begins.
And it all starts with the breath.
As the body sits tall with legs crossed or sitting in a chair, shoulders back and down, you breathe five full breathes in and out of the heart chakra.

The chest is filled with the Shakti of Om and the heart pulsates with the Universe.
Warmth spreads throughout your chest and back; if it takes more breaths to achieve this, then by all means do so.

Picture Kundalini in the form of fire rising to the throat.
Then breathe in and out of the throat five times, or until you can feel the fire rising.
The third eye is waiting for the flames and is pulsating as the flames penetrate the third eye.
Breathe in and out of the third eye five times.
Then take the breath on a journey through the top of your head, and just breathe in and out 11 times.

Then just sit very still, saying to yourself the word “OM” on the in-breath and on the out-breath five times.
The flames all of the time are warming and pulsating with the Universe.

Then come down through the top of the head, and the flames will shoot out the third eye.
Breathing in to the third eye, feel the flames dropping into the throat.
Warmth spreads throughout your throat as you say to yourself the sound of OM.

Fire comes down into your heart chakra.
Now do five deep breaths in and out of your heart – fire in and fire out.
Then just sit quietly for however long you want always feeling the fire.
This is the Breath of Commitment and will burn away with practice depression and anger.
This is a Tantric Fire Breathing breath, and is very intense.
Yet it takes away anxiety.
You become calmer the more you do it.

Do it every other day for a few days, and then you can do it every day.
Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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