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Blessings of Community


How blessed are we who live in community.
We are at each others side through thick and thin.
Prayers are heard and answered simply by asking.
We have gratitude not only for the food we commonly share, but for the dear, loved faces we see every day of our lives.

When the pale stars ride the early night time sky, I think of all of you.
I treasure these moments and the sweet sense of Home, our sacred Kashi.
I treasure the children, who grow into young men and women as the light in each house grows brighter.
And from the windows out upon the night, we all wait for each of our children to come in and tell us of their day.
And if they step out in the darkness, we are there to step with them to ease the tensions of the young and the old.
So blessed are we, who have within our Ashram the touch of the Mother and the blessings of the Father.
The Mother keeps love alive and all the candles lit.
And She loves to do it, and will continue to do it every single day.

If an unkind touch reaches out to someone, we know of the Mother’s protection – and we all feel safe.
She seeks not revenge, but safety for her child; and you all are Her children, no matter how old you are.
True love can never be blind, and it can bring an added light to your life and loving wisdom to all your hearts.

Baba gave your Ma this Blessing.
Blessings on top of Blessings, and I am so grateful.

I love you all.

Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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