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The Beloved’s Essence of Love

From Ma’s Darshan Line teachings 11/20/2007


There is no teaching like experiencing yourselves as whole and being part of the Beloved’s essence of love.
To learn how to cherish the moments of meditation with the Beloved is to live with great gratitude in your heart.
One experiences the natural state of wholeness, joy and peace.
It is the awareness of gratitude that allows for spiritual transformation.

The Beloved teaches with humor, clarity, compassion and love.
The Beloved teaches spirituality in a way that unites everyday difficulties with life’s breath and the solutions to help you get out of your own way.
The Beloved keeps you on the track of service while taking care of you.
The Beloved brings particular advice about the ordinary mundane problems that most of us struggle with.

The Beloved takes the time to make absolutely clear that all of life does not have to be made up of complications.
The Beloved brings a fresh perspective into ancient insights.
Yet most of all, the Beloved teaches you of love and how to let go of all that is not love.
Letting go or surrendering to your Higher Self can only bring clarity and joy.
The Beloved sets your hearts and minds free to soar on the wings of the angels of peace.
The Beloved shows you that the Universal Mother is your guide through all the pathways of life and death.

The conflicted mind does not let you feel the whole realm of love.
It splits you in half and does not let you feel the peace that you were born to feel.
The higher mind is the whole mind.
The lower mind is the ego’s mind.
The Beloved shows you the place of wholeness within your heart.
You are never alone.
When you can experience love in your heart, you know of the loving connection to others.
This connection is always there, even when you slip back into your ego mind.
To let go of your more destructive thoughts is to fire up your spiritual passionate heart.
Surrendering to your essential self simply means that you are not at war with your negative thoughts.
Never hold back your heart to anyone.

I love you all so much.
Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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