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Come Toward your Beloved

Originally posted on the Darshan Line on March 27, 2006


When you bring the Goddess into the heart, you become content in your day-to-day actions.
You bring balance to your life.
The breath becomes the breath of the Mother.
The connection of the Soul Mother to the seeker brings the realities of daily living in perspective.
The Divine Self will always rise above the illusion of Maya.

While the world seems to be a perfect reality, one learns through meditation that it is all a dream that can pass at any given moment.
If you analyze your pain and anger in the world, you will find that the only one hurting you is you.
You are confined to your own self-thoughts.
Clouds of illusion arise and vanish in the worldly mind.
The cosmic mind has the seeker’s vision soar and the Souls’ Heart expand.

There are no mental complexities in Samadhi, which comes by meditating at the feet of your Beloved.
You do not possess your own body; it belongs to the one who created you.
Knowing this, you can let all your 11 Karmic Spaces disappear into the cosmic space of your being.
The idea that ‘this is mine’ cannot exist, once you give your life to the God or Goddess of your choice.
I ask you all to wake up, to rub the worldly sleep out of your eyes.
Come toward your Beloved.
Light your heart with the joy of loving your Beloved.
It is as simple at that.
When I think of my Guru Baba, there is nothing in the world or the heavens that can occupy the same space of this thought.

Lord Ganesha is the gatekeeper of the Mother’s Gate.
Therefore He is the gatekeeper of all Her children’s lives.
Turning toward the Guru, one also turns immediately to Lord Ganesha, for He is the favorite of the Guru.
Every prayer and puja starts with Ganesha.
If every morning started with loving Ganesha, we would be connected to millions all over the world.
He helps us find self-discipline.

Your essential self knows what to do in every circumstance in life and death.
Negative impressions, which are locked in your karmic mind, do not impress your essential self.
You receive the blessings of Lord Ganesha by sitting quietly every day.
You carry these blessings all throughout the day, and, eventually, they lead to self-realization.
You are all bound to be successful in life when you give your life to Lord Ganesha.

One can find the simplicity of Ganesha in all religions and paths.
One needs only to look.
In your unconscious minds, He generates love and a place to put past and present experiences of pain and grief.
He devours your self-pity, even as he drips with compassion for all you have gone through.
He will teach you to be compassionate towards others and encourage the positive in each and every one of them.
Turn to Lord Ganesha each and every day, and He will turn to you.
This is my Puja and this is my Prayer.

Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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