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Being in Balance


When unexpected feelings come to the surface, and when remarks are made that really mean nothing at all- yet you are still hurt a lot – then you must understand that you are not in alignment.
You are not in balance with your true nature.
You can tell if you let your body speak to you.
See how you feel.
Ask yourself, “Why did I feel like this?”
Then follow your mind back into your own unconscious, and let your heart figure it out.

As long as you are being honest with yourself, you can follow the mind into spaces that you would not ordinarily go to.
When feelings or resentments are interfering with your life, it truly is time to face that which you may to refer to as your demons.
Yet when you can acknowledge your true feelings, the darkness in you has to begin to crumble.
When this happens, you are no longer limited by the restrictions of repressions.

You do not realize the richness that you have lying deep inside yourself, waiting to oblige you into knowing your true self.
Once you accept any flaws in yourself, you begin to accept the richer part of yourself.
You begin to feel the expanding consciousness.
Enlightenment is the simple expansion of consciousness; it is very gradual, yet it is continuous.

This happens gradually because we need to adjust to the light as our inner selves expand.
Slowly your life becomes richer within.
On the outside we are still the same; yet on the inside we are no longer trapped in the ego.
We go to a place where the sun does not set, and there is pure light all of the time.
We become like the eagle that can look straight into the sunlight without blinking.
He just accepts the light as his own.
The Shakti of love energizes us to love ourselves, and therefore to love others.
Through love we offer all of our darkness to the Mother; she takes it and returns it to us as a golden light.

I love you all.

Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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