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Being Aware


By being aware, you begin to notice that what you have asked for has already come to you in one form or another.
Step back for a second and look deeply at all you have to be grateful for.
Look and think about this a few times a day.
Every time you hear a phone ring, take an extra deep breath; this also will bring a greater awareness.
You begin to come in tune with your true self.
As you watch your life, you become expert at reading symbols and hidden joys that you could not see if you were not aware.

You are the only one responsible for what you do and who you are.
The coming in tune to what is around you is the key to your spiritual unfolding.
The more you work on your life, the more Shakti you will have – and the greater your life will be.
If there is a person that makes you quite tense, see him or her in your mind’s eye as happy and flowing.
Everything comes to you in a greater context.
Before you start your day, do deep breathing for a short while and sit in meditation.
This will lead your day into the way you want it.
If you have to ponder a decision, then you will know that you have choice.
Learn of the beauty of your personal power.
Let your Shakti bring you joy.
After all, Shakti is nothing more than the Mother’s deepest love for you.

Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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