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Be Open and Grateful


Let me remind you to be grateful for all you have in your life.
Your whole life is ahead of you; start right this second to live it.
Live in the moment, and understand that you have the power to ask the Universe for whatever you want.
Then allow it to come to you.
Be open, and the Universe will provide for you.

Begin now to know that you are never alone.
You can feel the Divine Presence that is always with you.
When clouds gather in the sky, enjoy the beauty of the clouds; and when the sun rises or shines through the clouds, understand the Universal Play that you are all in.

I know you all can sit for a few moments and allow your breath to fill you.
It is your breath that is the miracle of creation.
It is in your power to be aware of your breath and to bring yourself out of the chaos of life.
If you put your mind to it, you will be able to see yourself as the perfect son or daughter of the Universal Mother.

I love you with all my heart.
Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


3 Responses

  • Jim says:

    Thank-you, Ma, for this message.

    I am so grateful to be connected with you again through your website.
    Your writings today are the very thoughts that I walk with everyday. I understand, even when it is challenging to do so, I understand. I breathe it all in. I sit with whatever it is, and I choose to look for the beauty, the message, even if it simply ‘to be’

    With much much love,
    Jim Huseman

  • Govinda Ram says:

    Thank You So Much Ma For All The Blessings and Grace You Have Afforded Me !!!!!!!
    Jjjaaa Mata Ji, Jjaaa Nityananda, Jjaaaa Baba Neem Karoli !!!!!! Let Peace And Prosperity Cover The Earth !!!!!! The Creator Has A Master Plan…..Peace and Happiness Across The Land !!!!!!

  • Isvari says:

    My daughter Julia who is 11 has had night terrors her whole life. 5 months ago, she started saying 3 things she was grateful for every night before bed as her prayer, and she has only had 1 since. Om Namah Shivaya.