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Baba’s Light


The beauty of Baba’s Mahasamadhi is still on every blade of grass, every bird that flies over Kashi, and the very sky and sun over our Sacred Ashram
It seems that all the Pujas in the past 35 years have come together to create this moment of beauty.
The greatest teaching He ever gave your Ma is to take care of others.
This has been our main focus all these years.
We continue to learn of our own intuitive vision.
If you have a dream, then follow your dreams, the Mother will help you.
A person goes from death to death in a world of illusion.
Yet the yogi perceives life as illusion and continues to live life in spirit, thus freeing the Soul.
Tell the Universe your dreams, and watch them come true.

And they will; you only have to allow it to happen.
The Mother tears the veil of ignorance by living in the wisdom of the heart.
The Self is worth knowing as the purity of life unfolds.
You are worth being loved by the Mother Earth.
She will help you develop intuitive vision, because the veil of ignorance has limits.

Knowing yourself can overcome any boundaries that the ego places upon you.
The ego perceives you failing; the Self perceives success.
There is no difference between here or there when this is known.
Breathe in Baba’s Light, and breathe out any darkness of failing.
Do this deep breathing for five minutes every day, and watch your dreams begin to take form.
Darkness exists in the form of limitations that abide in the physical body.
Light is believing in yourself.

I love you all.
Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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  • Anonymous says:

    Thank you Ma Jaya.For all of this beautiful messages.Thank you, for helping us to find the divine light within you.the same divine light that God want every body to have it. I Love you.This is Marly, one of your 11 Nagas.