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Awareness Breath


The breath can take you into Earthly Samadhi if you would only be aware.
Sit in the stillness and become aware of your thoughts passing through.
Watch your thoughts as a silent witness.
Find a space or the tiny bit of time between a thought passing and a thought appearing.
Look for that tiny time between thoughts and prolong it.

Do not try too hard.
Do this for about five minutes and then watch your breath, letting the breath do what it may.
Bring your awareness to your spiritual heart, and think of your fourth chakra as a wide open space.
Rest in the gap between the breaths and just lose yourself in this space.

This is the way to make your meditation an open window to your true essential Self.
When you become even slightly more open, rejoice in the spaciousness.
The more you practice this awareness breath, the more open you are becoming to life.
Compassion is deeply placed inside of us.

The key to this space of compassion is to be kind to yourself.
Try this today.
Do something nice for yourself, and know that you are loved deeply and fully.

Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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