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Autumn Meditation


As you do your meditations, know that you can do any season meditation at any time you wish.
At times, the season meditation can bring you more in to the moment.
It is up to you.

Close your eyes gently, upper lid gently touching the lower lid, upper lip slightly touching the lower lip.
Let out a big sigh, and feel yourself letting go of stress and tension.
Breathe in to the heart chakra in the center of your chest; you are breathing in a warm, golden light.

Let go of any negative thoughts on the out-breath.
Let them go.
Take a deep breath into your chest – a breath of golden light.
It feels wonderful.

Breathe out, and say to yourself, “I am breathing out all stress.”
Label the stress if you so desire.
In other words, “I am breathing out negativity.”

Breathe in the deepest breath you have ever breathed.
Feel the heart filled with a golden light.
Notice how good you are starting to feel.

Breathe out very slowly.
As you do so, let everything go.
Let go of troubles, let go of trivia.
Just let them go; you do not need them.
They are not you.

Feel your chakras getting rid of them; forget them – you do not need them at this time or any other time.
This is your moment: if you feel it difficult to let go, then breathe in and out of your heart chakra a few times until you feel calm and light.

Breathe in the golden autumn light into your belly; feel the tension leave your belly.
Feel your body gently relaxing, be at peace, enjoy it.
Relax and breathe out.

Practice all the above a few times.
Now breathe in over your head.

Imagine sitting with your Beloved.
Breathing out, you are fully relaxed.
Your Beloved reaches over and puts His or Her hand on your chest.
You can feel the warmth of your Ma’s hand.
Breathe in and out.

You are immersed in the golden light; it is all around you.
You are in the center of the tantric sun.
Breathe in to your heart, imagining the golden light filling your heart and entering through your chest wall.
Feel the warmth the golden light brings you.
Feel love, peace and calmness; your body is gently relaxing.

Imagine a spiral of golden light coming from the Earth, encircling you 11 times going clockwise.
This light is going upward.
When it reaches over your head, picture it encircling downward going counter-clockwise.

When it reaches beneath you, see yourself sitting on a golden bench.
Sit like this for however long you feel to, breathing in and out softly and beautifully

The tension is gone.
Peace remains.
You are the golden light.
You are the golden, tantric bench you sit upon.
All is good.
All is love.

Breathe in and out five times.
Stand up slowly, and resume what you were doing with great awareness.
You have become part of the golden light.

I love you with all my heart.

Ma Jaya


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