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A Child of Love


I will teach you to appreciate yourself as you grow toward your Beloved.
You must know how much your Beloved loves you.
This is very important to the heart of awareness, to the heart of your Beloved, and of course to your heart.
You all are my heart.
There is no separation.
I will teach you to work yourself out of your ego’s clutches.
I will stand between you and your ego, and God help the one who gets in my way – and this, of course, will be your ego.
It is that which will try to take over your minds and bring you down into the darkness of the ego mind.
The more you begin to concentrate on the ego’s doing, the more sad you feel.
You are perfect as you are this moment.
There is a distinct separation between you and your ego.
Your physical perception is of value to your heart, and yet you do not pay attention to it.
You are willing to let it bring you to yesterday’s memory.

You have the ability to center your mind on your heart and on your own beauty.
We are all energy.
The whole of the universe is energy and shakti.
Everything you look at has a feeling.
When danger beckons us, it is not a physical moment; it is true, and it is your intuition.
You become intimately involved with your Higher Self, and you can bring yourself to a place of getting in touch with your feelings.
Here lies a higher state of awareness, and it feels good.
Look, and feel your ability to hear that which you cannot feel and to see with the eyes of the heart that which you cannot usually see.

As we walk through life, at times the brain does not pick up any indicators that can lead us out of danger to our being.
Let us increase our pace toward the Universal Mother.
Tell your mind that you want to increase your sensibility of sight and sound through sight and sound.
You will begin to expand your mind if you begin to tell your mind that you are a child of love.
Your mind must listen to you.
There is no doubt in my mind that your mind will listen to you.
You are the controller of your destiny.
I can hardly wait to teach and share with you the road of feeling toward a better life.
And as you become sensitive to the way you are feeling, the muscle of the sixth sense begins to develop.

Just keep your intellect out of the way of your heart.
Just keep expanding.
You are in control.
The Universal law will teach you to follow your intuition, and I will make sure that you know that it exists.
The energy or Shakti will show you how to expand, and you are opening yourself to more of life and death.

I love you all.
Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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