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A Chakra Meditation


You can go deep in to your heart through your chakras.
The chakras are like markers of where you are in the moment.
As you sit and breathe deeply, feel the heat gather at the base of your spine.
Concentrate on the flames coming from the heat.
Feel the heat spreading all around to the front of you and then back to your spine.
You are feeling more relaxed with each breath.

The chakras are like a road map that leads you to the treasure inside of your head.
Feel the warmth starting to rise on the inside of your spine.
Picture the spine as a tube with a fire coming up and finally reaching the top of your head.
And then picture the fire going out of your head.

Now watch the breath coming in and out of your head.
Literally try to catch the picture of the breath flowing down your spine, touching each chakra creating a form of bliss – not of the mind, but of the body.

Your whole body feels light as the river of life and death flows inside of you, connecting all the chakras.
Then focus on your heart and the flow of the river flowing in and out.
Then feel a Divine hand on your chest as the breath rises and falls.
Stay like this with deep breathing, feeling this hand rising and falling with the breath.
Then just sit and feel the freedom of being loved held in the warm river of life.
Sit as long as you want, and then a few minutes more.

Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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