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Archive for March, 2012

Mar 30, 2012No Comments


Taken from a darshan with Ma Jaya on June 9, 2006

Namaste my Chelas,

Deep down within everyone is a fountain of truth and wisdom. The wisdom that is the inner voice of every heart is called intuition. It is not learned; it is simply acknowledged.

Intuition is incredibly silent unless you are listening quietly in moments of searching your …more

Mar 27, 2012No Comments

Chela’s Ego

Chela’s Ego: taken from a darshan, February 1982

Namaste my chelas,

Death to the ego comes painfully, like a dull knife cutting into your whole being. You know you can’t turn back. But I can teach you to dance, both in the world and out of it.

The dull painful knife comes only with resistance and non-surrender. Guru can only …more

Mar 22, 2012No Comments

Preventing Chaos

Taken from a transcript of darshan at an Atlanta Intensive, March 31, 2006 titled Preventing Chaos

In the Vedic tradition, the great Sages and the great Sadhus many times climbed a mountain and their chelas climbed right after them. The sages would sit on rocks and their chelas would sit almost on the edge, never knowing if they were going …more

Mar 20, 2012No Comments

The Beloved’s Essence of Love

From Ma’s Darshan Line teachings 11/20/2007


There is no teaching like experiencing yourselves as whole and being part of the Beloved’s essence of love. To learn how to cherish the moments of meditation with the Beloved is to live with great gratitude in your heart. One experiences the natural state of wholeness, joy and peace. It is the awareness …more

Mar 17, 2012No Comments

Listen to Your Breath

Excerpted from Ma’s darshan line, November 20, 2007

Namaste my chelas all over the world,

One of our Baba’s greatest teachings is “Never throw anyone out of your heart.” You are truly blessed by all to whom you show love. Blessings come in the giving of your heart to others. This moment feel your breath coming in and out. Just …more

Mar 16, 2012No Comments

A Sense of Peace

From Ma’s darshan line January 4, 2003

Namaste my chelas all over the world,

When the mind is not at peace, the world appears to be in turmoil and everything around you seems to be in chaos. The heart cannot be felt when the mind is not at peace. The heart in human beings is the supreme abode of God …more

Mar 14, 2012No Comments

Practice to Break Free of Pride

This practice will take you into the place to receive

  • Begin in standing – Mountain Pose.
  • Step the left foot back and angle the foot for balance.
  • Bend the front right knee.
  • Bend the right arm and lean the right forearm and elbow onto the right thigh.
  • Lean onto the right thigh, with the left arm hanging down, straight …more
Mar 4, 2012No Comments

Practice to Conquer Anger

Anger comes from the absence of acknowledgment of self beauty. The anger that we have in the moment is the anger that we have toward ourselves.

  • Sit quietly and look toward your right.
  • Close your eyes, and think of something that has angered you.
  • Feel your anger.
  • Look again to the right; see how defined the anger has become. …more