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Jan 11, 2012No Comments

Practice for Anger

The following practice will bring awareness to your anger and help to train you to release yourself from the anger.

  • Begin in sitting or standing.
  • Bring your awareness to a feeling of anger. You can say to yourself “I am aware that I am angry”.
  • Extend your straight arms out to the sides with the hands in fists.
  • With …more
Jan 10, 2012No Comments

Being Present For A Stranger . . .

As I was preparing for a holiday road trip, I stopped by the local Farmers’ Market. While I was at the cheese counter, a woman a few years older than me turned with a smile and complimented my Tie-Dyed shirt. I was delighted by her genuine joy, and remarked, “Many people don’t really appreciate it for the gifts it is!”


Jan 7, 2012No Comments

The Wisdom of the Body

This is from The 11 KARMIC SPACES, page 126.

The soul’s knowing often comes to us in a physical feeling. How do you feel? I find myself asking that question more and more. How do you feel in your body? I am not asking about pleasure or pain. I am asking this question to develop your subtle awareness of how …more

Jan 4, 2012No Comments

Can meditation resolve all issues or must I take some action?

Meditation can resolve many issues, but sitting all day in meditation and prayer you become dependent on believing that someone or something will fix you and the way you live. The universe works in different ways than our minds. Meditation alone cannot keep everyone on the path. Action, karma yoga, must be taken in order to put to test and …more

Jan 4, 2012No Comments

I feel in constant separation. How can that change?

Do you feel in constant separation or do you feel a slight togetherness with that which is deeply in you although you have no understanding? Anyone that says they feel separate from the universe has truly never taken a big, deep, beautiful breath. Most of the time we usually take small breaths and in taking small breaths we have small …more

Jan 4, 2012No Comments

You wrote “karma enters into human life at birth and the universal laws of order seep down from the great sky of consciousness to enter the human body and bind us to them.” What binds us to them? Is it the body? I hear in here “who am I?” What binds us and what frees us?

The tantric part of the yoga I teach includes the body, the mind, and the soul. The body is something that reacts to the karma it has had in previous lives. The soul is perfect, but any negative karma that surrounds it will turn into a hard crust. As a baby is being birthed it only has the softness and …more

Jan 2, 2012No Comments

The Story of Eloise

I was a certified nursing assistant taking care of a woman named Eloise who had Alzheimer’s disease. Her husband, who had profound hearing loss and who never wore his hearing aids, was also present in the house.

One day as her husband was preparing to go to the grocery store, Eloise had what I now know to have been a …more

Jan 1, 2012No Comments

The Ratio Breath for Balance and Calm

This ratio breath will create balance and create calm focus in the mind and body. This breath has a balanced ratio and can be practiced for any number of counts that feel right for you – 3:3:3  or 5:5:5, for example. Students are typically comfortable starting at four or five. The three parts are the inhalation, the retention of breath …more

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