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Jan 31, 20121 Comment



One of the key functions of Kali Natha Tantric Yoga is to soften your heart-Karma so you can begin to feel all the love flowing from the Universe. At times the ego’s karmic teachings set up patterns that the ego wants you to believe in. Or, as the 11 Karmic Spaces says, “Jealousy, Anger, Pride. Indifference, Ego of Self …more

Jan 28, 2012No Comments

I seek enlightenment and wish to be a true servant of the universe. The most difficult accomplishment has been to distinguish whether I am serving myself by serving others. Can you share your wisdom on this subject?

Namaste Rita:

When you have the least desire to share of yourself to ease another’s burden, or to ease the burdens of thousands, or just to ease the burden of a child, automatically that who you are comes racing to the surface.  This is not about you and it is not NOT about you.  It’s about love.  Love is what …more

Jan 25, 20121 Comment

Positive Intent


Positive Intent: Reach for a positive thought. Page 136

The simple practice of hesitation helps you stop reacting blindly to everything that happens, but there is also pre- action, a positive hesitation where you make room for your soul’s choice.

When you are getting ready to do something, use that …more

Jan 19, 2012No Comments

Jealousy Trip

For years I thought Hinduism was too vast a philosophy for me to even consider studying. Yet, when I was a child, my father, a professor, brought his graduate students into our home. I loved the Indian students especially. They would dress me in their saris and when one went home to marry, I spent hours drawing pictures of his …more

Jan 18, 2012No Comments

Mother’s River of Love


A lot of people enter spiritual life to escape responsibilities. You cannot escape a thing if you are really a true seeker. Especially when one is serving; one is lost in taking care of those in need. The Shakti brings creative energy to everyday living when one is flowing in the Mother’s River of love.

When you follow your …more

Jan 13, 2012No Comments



Today I read these words, “For whom much is given, much is required.” These words are so true, and the reality of it must be contemplated. At times we become afraid to give, as if by giving we would have less.

When you give of yourself to others, you are wide open and so much more is given to …more

Jan 13, 2012



Your Sacred Self is right beneath your skin, so close that you can feel

the Self any moment you are quiet.

Meditation brings you into the circle of life and death and into the

mystical awareness of both.

Alertness and generosity bring you deeper into the circle.

With alertness of generosity one begins to share what he or she …more

Jan 13, 20121 Comment

Why Me?

I sat in the hospital between my 82-year-old mother who had just had knee replacement surgery and my 88-year-old father who, with failing short-term memory and poor hearing, was clearly struggling to understand why she was here and not home caring for him. It was my birthday and my thoughts were dancing through the karmic spaces: anger at feeling overwhelmed …more

Jan 13, 2012No Comments

How best can a lone individual stand and be counted or speak up to protect an organization or individuals in an organization from chaos or greed, without being seen as a troublemaker?


In order not to be pointed out as a whistle blower or somebody that is sticking up for something that isn’t right, you have to go into your heart.  You have to see, “Do I really believe in this person, or this organization?” If you really see that you do believe in them, look and see if you really …more

Jan 11, 2012No Comments

Spiritual Yearning

Here is more from the book, THE 11 KARMIC SPACES, page 154

Yearning is the homesickness of the Soul.

Spiritual yearning is so sweet that you feel your heart opening, which allows you to touch your true self. Transformation begins when your hunger for the world is replaced by deeper yearning.As my Teacher Swami Nityananda said, …more

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