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Archive for November, 2011

Nov 30, 2011

Divine Love


The Mother in all Her many forms has always been there for us. She makes Herself known as one breathes in and out. The ego begins to dissolve and the heart begins to open.

The presence of Love is the quality of timelessness, forevermore. Yet if humility and gratitude are hidden by the ego, one begins to make poor …more

Nov 29, 2011



Consciousness is the unlimited, universal energy field which becomes a reservoir of all information available in the Universe. As you become more aware of your consciousness, you are fed information by yourself that helps you to live life in the Light.

You begin to perceive or witness your own life on a different level of consciousness. The Formless invisible …more

Nov 28, 2011

Breath for Everyday Situations


When someone is angry at you, you recognize the feeling of contraction in your chest. When you recognize rising tension and irritation, take a deep breath; that pause will bring you instantaneous acknowledgment, and you instantly feel an awareness of the situation. With this pause you are consuming the anger.

Watching your breath in any situation will provide you …more

Nov 24, 2011

The Here and Now


When you first wake, before you get out of your bed, bring your attention to your breathing for five breaths. Allow the breath do what it does; just follow it. Notice how your body feels, and notice your posture (even lying down). See if there is anything different when you begin to sit up. Notice how your body and …more

Nov 23, 2011

The Counting Meditation


To meditate is to get to know yourself from the inside. You begin to feel a gentle flow in the quiet of meditation. This flow comes from the Higher Self. You are all perfect in so many ways.

The waves and fog that hide the true you can be blown away with a simple counting meditation. This is part …more

Nov 21, 2011



Commitment is to the core of truth itself and is completely free of ego mind. It is all about the Universal Mother’s Unconditional Love. There is energy in the mind that is constantly creating streams of thoughts; you watch what is going on like fish in a bowl. The thoughts are the fish, and you are the water.

The …more

Nov 18, 2011



Many of us are creatures of habit. We often prefer the old to the new, even when the new is better than the old. Resolve this day to live through the discomfort of change that will happen through not procrastinating. Yes, procrastination is a habit we get into and cannot get out.

Be aware that there will be some …more

Nov 10, 2011

Mother Kundalini & Love


As Kundalini begins to rise in the seeker, there is a great infusion of energy from the unseen worlds of inner awareness. She is the Mother of all Tantric movements and joy. Kundalini energy can bring states of bliss, ecstasy and consciousness of a higher level than one is used to. At times, though very rarely, fear races through …more

Nov 4, 2011

Mother’s Time


It is so important to bring your heart into your life as much as possible. The book of life is written in your heart and can only be read when the heart is expanded.

You are in the Mother’s Time now, which is the moment of deep love of life, breath, and death. You can become the harvester of …more

Nov 2, 2011

The Spirit of the Self


Everyone is born with all the mysticism of the world and beyond. As we grow older, we seem to forget the joy of mysticism that we had at birth.

The Universal Mother reminds you of your beauty every day of your life. She reminds you of your connections to the Mother and the Father. The pathway to the Mother …more