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Archive for September, 2011

Sep 12, 2011No Comments

See Yourself as Light

Replace doubt and fear with love and acceptance. Those who doubt others doubt themselves. In your mind, see yourself in the midst of all of your accomplishments.

Sep 12, 2011No Comments

The Treasure of Your Heart

To have gratitude, you have to accept the self that is in the self.
You have to understand that deep inside of you is your truth. Then victory is yours. The treasure of understanding begins to bloom.
You see the Mother in all directions, and somehow you know that She can see you at all times.

Sep 5, 2011No Comments

Higher Self vs. the Ego

Your higher self can see much farther than your ego-sight can ever see. Ego needs the illusion of enemies to keep alive. When you are dominated by your ego, then you look to dominate others. When there is no inner harmony, there is no outer harmony. When you try to control others, you are being controlled by the ego. What you believe was power was actually your ego powering you.

Sep 3, 2011No Comments

The Boy and the King of Death

One time there was an old couple that lived in Kashi at the shores of the Ganga and longed for a son for many years. Way beyond child bearing time, the older couple both had a vision of Lord Brahma telling them that they will be loaned a child for 16 years, and at that time Lord Yama would come for him.

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