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Archive for September, 2011

Sep 29, 2011No Comments

Essential Self


Fear arises out of duality. The flames of the dhuni burn all that is other than fire. Fire cannot burn itself. It is the Essential Self that cannot destroy itself, not even in the process of death.

A long as there is the notion that I am different from the absolute Self, there is pain. The Universal Mother is …more

Sep 28, 20111 Comment

The Desire to be Right


If you find yourself believing that you must always be right in your decisions, you are arguing against yourself. You must know that in you is the ability to create whatever kind of person you want to become. Relinquish your need to be right. The desire to be right is the single greatest reason for difficulties in your life.


Sep 22, 2011No Comments

Mother’s Heart


You who meditate on the Mother follow an ancient lineage that dates back beyond the dawn of history. The sages of old bequeathed their wisdom and their prayers for the well being of those who were to follow in future centuries.

I ask Mother Laxmi to bring you all good health, prosperity, love, longevity and success in all you …more

Sep 21, 2011

Your Intuitive Voice


You all hear your intuitive voice speaking at one time or another; now it is time to act upon the words. Place your hands together, and acknowledge your spirituality. Place your hands on your heart space and then on your third eye, and activate your intuitive intuition. Release the love that loves everyone, especially yourself. Behold yourself as your …more

Sep 19, 2011No Comments



We are all born with a spiritual potential that allows us to be in a place of intuitive awareness. You may think that you are stumped in so many circumstances. You just can’t get out of a situation, and so you pay no attention to your intuition.

When you feel this happening, bring full mindfulness to the moment: Breathing …more

Sep 18, 2011No Comments

The Bliss of Hanuman


The darkness in the early morning always has a hint of dawn. When you close your eyes, you can feel the light of morning before you can see it. Imagine you are in control of your healing prana, and breathe into any part of your body that you feel the circulation of prana is not moving well.

For instance, …more

Sep 17, 2011



There is a current of prana running through us all. It gets stronger as you live life in spirituality. In meditation, the prana can become so strong that it becomes subtle – almost as if you are breathing through your bones. The bones of the body begin to extend as each mental breath comes in and out. The flesh …more

Sep 16, 2011No Comments

A New Day


Wake to a new day, a new start and a new way of looking at your life. Try not to go blindly, chasing one desire after another. Do not exhaust yourself thinking on yesterday’s thoughts. Search for a quiet mind by watching your breath, even as you work this day.

Identity yourself with the love of the Mother; it …more

Sep 15, 2011

Sleep in the Arms of the Mother


A person can live day-to-day with spirituality in the heart. This is the true fountain of youth. Spirituality is the way of the yogi. Liberation is absolutely attainable for anyone in any religion. Liberation is the deep desire to share spirituality with others without preaching.

I love to teach the teachers. It is more like sharing the teachings of …more

Sep 13, 20111 Comment

Baba’s Light

The beauty of Baba’s Mahasamadhi is still on every blade of grass, every bird that flies over Kashi, and the very sky and sun over our Sacred Ashram. It seems that all the Pujas in the past 35 years have come together to create this moment of beauty.

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