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Aug 6, 2011No Comments

Gratitude and the Journey to Your Self

Gratitude is so important for all of us to have. Gratitude can consume anger. Anger makes us old and withered. Gratitude makes us young and joyful, no matter what. Baba said that anger is always about loss. When we think we lost something, and it could be anything, from health to an object, to a person, we begin to blame others thus anger is born. To return to the Universe, God, Goddess or the Higher Self, you must know that you can never lose the connection to the Mother’s heart.

Aug 5, 2011No Comments

Guilt, Anger, and the Ego

Guilt is not rewarding in any way, shape or form. There is only high energy and low energy. Guilt is the lowest of energy. The past is the past; it cannot be changed by bringing it into the moment. The way you are perceived is mostly someone else’s judgment. Let people think what they like; just act responsibly and love life as much as possible. All anger comes from a sense of loss. The ego rants and rages as it loses hold of your personality. Don’t allow anger to stay with you throughout your life. Get to the depth and meaning of your anger and be free of it. Holding on to anger keeps you far away from an open heart. Once you see that most anger is just a security issue and is about losing something, you are way ahead of the game.

Aug 3, 20111 Comment

Mother Kundalini

You have within you a legendary power that is called Kundalini.
She takes you on the most intimate, internal journey. The Mother guides you through this journey, always watching and sharing. Everyone who has the desire to make a difference in the world must start out with the heart of compassion.

Aug 2, 2011No Comments

Surrender to Your Open Heart

Take time this day to see what words or mantras soothe you and keep you in your heart. You hear the word ‘surrender’ so much on the spiritual path, yet what does it really mean to you? Surrender means different things to different folks. Once you know that God lives deep inside of you close to your heart, you find it easier to surrender to your heart, and your mind becomes saturated with the joy of the heart. We must live with an open heart and an open mind.

Aug 1, 2011No Comments

The Choices of Your Heart

There are two or three doors you can choose to walk through at any moment. When you have any of the Karmic Spaces calling you, such as jealousy, pride, or anger, you can choose to walk through another door and into the light of no boundaries. There is always another door or another response to any of your predicaments.

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