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Aug 19, 2011No Comments


Take the moment and be generous with your love. Being generous keeps the heart strong and joyful. This establishes a sacred space.
In this sacred space, we can sit in self-reflection or stand on our yoga mats and begin our practice, always with an generous heart.

Aug 16, 2011No Comments

Connect to Your Self

When you have a direct connection with the self, you become awakened from one natural state of being with the Mother in the moment. Not even trying to understand it just to know it and love being in this state. You bring on an understanding of surrender to live and respond to the moment.

Aug 15, 2011

Power of Love


Love is a tremendous power that dissolves everything that is in its way, if the human being is willing. Love comes from a different dimension than everyday life. It opens the heart. The heart has to be opened, because it is limited.

When the Soul cries for its Beloved, it is the primal sound of creation. This is the …more

Aug 13, 2011

Our Primal Depth


Each of us has a primal depth that one has to find. From a mystical point of view, Jung says that without a problem there is no growth. The moment you have consciousness is the moment you find your individual identity. The problem that comes to us is the way to come Home and still live upon Earth. The …more

Aug 12, 2011No Comments

Mother’s Breath

When you begin to sit in meditation, watch the out-breath and then let the breath come in as it will. Do this breathing, and let the out-breath take you out into the universe. Feel the sensations and the movement of the breath. Let anything that arises be touched with the Universal Mother’s hand.

Aug 11, 2011No Comments

Pain and the Breath

There are times in your life that you cannot feel what else is going on in your life because of a traumatic experience. You are consumed in the traumatic experience. Yet no matter what it is, the Mother’s breath can be felt in just one second on calling Her name.
Instead of being disassociated and numb, the most powerful path of understanding is that you have a softening of your heart. I understand what it is to feel that you are trapped in a space of fear.
The only place that is bigger than fear is love. Cultivating love for yourself when things are going good is a great practice.

Aug 10, 2011No Comments

Breathe in Awareness

To live life fully, you need to face the negativity in your life – and then let go. There is the fear that you will not be able to handle negativity or past pain. Yet the Universal Mother is within you to help you drop your fears one by one, bone by bone. She teaches you to understand your deep-rooted courage.

Aug 9, 2011No Comments

Divine Breath of Love

Let the breath go deeper. Feel love for yourself as well as others on this path of love and compassion that you walk upon. You can be the beacon that can awaken others because you have such a delightful sense of space. Feel this space all around you. Let the breath take you deeper.

Aug 8, 2011No Comments

Community and the Buddha

It is through community that we truly live out our sense of belonging. There is always a way to tap into your purest of hearts.
When the Buddha spent years of searching, he finally sat under the Bodhi tree and went through all of the 10 thousand sorrows and 10 thousand joys. First he had to go through the 10 thousand sorrows.
He then became so grateful that even if He didn’t go through the ten thousand joys, He would have been joyful simply to know that He beat the temptations of the Mother of all Illusions, who offered him everything.

Aug 7, 2011No Comments

Meditation and Yoga

Do not judge your meditation by saying, “This is a bad meditation,”, or “My mind is running wild.” There is no such thing as a poor meditation. You get something every time you sit. Even by knowing that you are thinking the whole time is a glowing awareness of what you are doing. There is such value in the willingness to stay. Loving kindness to yourself is the opening path to loving others. And this brings you respect for yourself.

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