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Aug 31, 2011No Comments

Mother and the Ego

The ego promotes paranoia. It has you thinking that whoever loves you does not love you and wants something from you. Your Soul Spirit knows better. You have to remind yourself that the Mother made you in perfect harmony. She teaches you to welcome love and not hide from it. We are all decent loving Souls. Remind yourself that this is truth. You have the same higher intelligence that all of life has running through them. When you have a thought that belittles you or one that raises you higher than others, pay attention to how you feel.

Aug 30, 2011No Comments

Mother’s Light Meditation

Start at the base of the spine, saying, “The Mother’s light is bright at the base of my spine.” Then say, “The Mother’s light is in my being.” Say this for every chakra until you reach the third eye.
When you reach the third eye, know that your third eye is indeed open wide. Breathe gently in and out the third eye. Do not strain.

Aug 29, 2011No Comments


In satsang you are swimming in reservoirs of collected energies.
Your own intuitive nature is being exercised as you live in community. In the circle of life and death, you have to trust that your vision is important to the circle and you are willing to share honestly what your vision is. On the intuitive level, the sharing with satsang leaves your vision is open and new things can be observed.

Aug 27, 2011No Comments

Thoughts Are Not Facts

Say to yourself this morning, “Thoughts are not facts.” Repeat this for about five minutes, and notice how you begin to feel a mental balance. Your thoughts cannot go round and round when you say these words. They just become mysterious creations of the ego mind. They do not accurately reflect reality. They are not yours.

Aug 26, 2011No Comments

The Formless and the Mother

By practicing awareness, we reach deeply into the silence and pierce through seven layers. When your awareness is awakened, you live your life in a deeper way. When the Formless beckons you, you softly take the Mother’s love and enter. Softly the Mother brings you back through the Universe into the world of your sacred body.

Aug 25, 2011No Comments

Sixth Sense

There is a sixth sense inside of us that needs practice to be understood. This is an inner relationship with our bodies and hearts.
There is always a feeling when we know that danger is near. The way we pull back when ordinarily we would just jump right in shows that our instinct is at work. We are so much more aware of everything around us than the ego would have us believe.

Aug 23, 2011No Comments

The Mother’s Beauty

Sooner or later, we all must seek our contemplation of the Divine Mother. In the presence of the Mother, we find our own beauty.
The Mother is the circle of time where all your phases of your life unite. It is impossible to explain the nearness of the Mother to your Soul’s heart. She is the breath of your breath and the skin of your skin. You need to enter the Mother’s beauty, where you are sustained. You have come home to the Mother’s arms, and there you will live.

Aug 22, 2011No Comments

Heart Without Boundaries

No matter what we do, there is the possibility of pain or pleasure.
Our hearts can be big enough for this, or we can go back and forth with reactions rather than understanding that this is what life is.
When you understand that you are never alone, reactions don’t come so easy and you are left to go on with your life in the beauty of the Mother’s Love.

Aug 21, 2011No Comments

Love and Compassion

The spiritual path is the secret path of infinity. Once you enter the path, then all of the Universe’s secrets are known. You have an subconscious road map on how to proceed. The Mother helps you read your map and watches you shed insecurities as She leads you along your path.

Aug 20, 2011No Comments

Mindfulness and Awareness

Your God is always here in the internal present. We live and we die, we live and we love, and we die again. We live, and we find composure and peace in our life. We live, and we find composure, love and peace; we find Samadhi, and then we never die – we return by choice.

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