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Archive for July, 2011

Jul 27, 20112 Comments

Prosperity in Your Life

Use your power of visualization to realize what you want in life.
Stop pursuing what you do not want. Reach out to others with love.
Accept others for what and who they are. Send away judgment and replace it with love. Ask your own spirit for help. In your spiritual willingness to hear your soul, you will find the intuitive readiness to live your life as you want to. Think of living your life filled with prosperity.

Jul 26, 2011No Comments

Feel God’s Grace

Meditation brings you a chance to a conscious life and to live fully the destiny of your Soul. When you are able to listen to your Soul, you can speak from your heart with less fear. You begin to forgive yourself and others for the past, and you are able to look toward the future while enjoying the journey to get there. You find that the present brings you all kinds of positive shakti as you live in the moment. Through meditation you are able to feel your Soul’s radiance. Through Kali Natha Tantric Yoga, you can live with love in your heart and the ability to be clear and focused.

Jul 22, 2011No Comments


Today I want to speak of your fears. So many people are reluctant to admit to themselves and to anyone else that they are afraid.
Many of you would go to any length to hide your fears. You may believe that if you think on your fears you will bring them power.

Jul 19, 2011No Comments

Loving the Mother

Creating a sacred place to sit and meditate allows the many forms of the Mother to enter the heart of the Seeker. Her piercing gaze is always watching and guiding. Murtis and paintings come alive when you are in the space of love and affection. Never be embarrassed by your love for the Mother. As you sit, your mind will slowly go deep into intentional thoughts of the Divine Mother in any of Her many forms. Call on Her this very moment, and She will come to you in one way or another.

Jul 18, 2011



In the ordinary mind, you can hear the chatter of nothing going on all day. Thoughts take over your life. If you say a mantra, your attitude toward situations that usually brings pain can be used to help you grow. Saying a mantra to the Universal Mother will help you to destroy resistance to change. The Mother helps you …more

Jul 8, 2011



Gurupurnima is almost upon us once again. I celebrate the living Guru who is my Baba, just because he is. I worship the Mother, because he showed me how. I also love my chelas beyond comprehension. He showed me how, and the love has poured out of me all these many years. And we all come together to celebrate …more

Jul 6, 2011No Comments

Positive Thoughts

If you utilize the favorable circumstances in your life by being grateful, you begin to think in positive ways. You most likely will receive an appreciation by serving others. Keeping the mental attitude of wanting to have positive thoughts will help you to have them. Simply wanting to be positive keeps the heart open and allows awareness to come in. You can deliberately choose your thoughts with practice and self-love.

Jul 5, 20112 Comments

Affirm the Good

When thoughts of anger, pride, jealousy, fear, or worry creeps in, just start repeating, “God loves me” to yourself, thereby pushing out the negative thought. The way to fight darkness is the thought of light. Affirm the good, and the bad will vanish.

Jul 2, 2011No Comments

Unravel Your Own Beauty

When your thought is in harmony with your creative infinite mind, you are starting to become One with all. You cannot chose whom you are One with; you are part of Mother Nature’s cycle. Your heart opens wide as the next thought flows in. You can choose to receive it or not receive it.

Jul 1, 2011

Om Bliss

Mantras are combination of special words; at times they are given by the Guru or Teacher to the seeker. They are imprints on the Universal Flow of pulsations. They were uttered since the beginning of time. They etch out a path for us all to follow into the Formless.
They transform the negative mind into the positive heart. Repeating these primal sounds helps the seeker relax in the midst of chaos.