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Archive for June, 2011

Jun 30, 2011

Power of Shakti


All Shakti comes from the Mother within. All the energy that we can possible use is within the deepest part of our Being, waiting to be brought onto the surface of our life. This happens when we first recognize it as spiritual energy, and we become aware that our lives are divine. Soon we work the Shakti into our …more

Jun 29, 2011No Comments

The Mother

You have the power to not accept any negative thoughts, once you can tell yourself that the thought is negative. Speak to the Universal Mother as much as you can during your day and night, and She will become the delight of your mind and heart.

Jun 21, 20111 Comment

Summer Solstice

This is the longest day of the year, the day of Summer Solstice.
Some say it is the day of finding love in the deep recess of the heart. On this first day of summer, renew your love of spirituality.
The Universal Mother sings in the wilderness of your heart. The Ganga flows like liquid gold. Mother Earth looks beautiful and fertile.

Jun 20, 20111 Comment

Enjoy the Moment

There is no reason that one has to constantly want to go deeper into the past. By living in the moment, one can know the past and be ready for it to re-enact itself over and over. To keep digging and digging is no help in knowing yourself. To be totally aware of the moment is to understand the beauty of the Self.

Jun 16, 2011

The Waves of Life

The waves of life always roll on. They never stop. You can learn how to swim in the waves of time and get everything you can out of the moment. The moment is now. The waves are hitting the shore now. No one can stop them. This is the cosmic law of life and death. The waves of the Mother’s Ocean are like riding each beat of your heart.

Jun 15, 2011

The Ocean of Freedom

Thoughts come to you from the ego’s bubbling brook of chaos.
They confuse you in the early morning hours when you begin to start your day. Yet if you have a deliberate thought placed by your heart-truth, it will not take you long to figure out what the ego is trying to accomplish. Beyond your burning truth is the clearness of meditation. Beyond the drifting clouds, you can make out the form of your God. Beyond all things known to the ego is the infinite expansion of the Self. You only have to wake yourself up to the beauty that surrounds you to avoid the dreams of the ego.

Jun 10, 2011

Mother’s Essence

To understand the essence of the Divine Mother is total freedom.
You begin to feel the vibrations of the Universe when the form of the Mother turns to reality in your heart. As you are nourished by the touch of kindness, you feel kindness for everyone. The Mother’s love is like the strength of steel.

Jun 10, 2011


It can frighten you when you first begin to change. So many people fear internal changes. Yet if you breathe deeply and feel the stillness, you will feel that the changes are further away from your ego thoughts.

Jun 9, 2011

Take Your Mind Off Your Mind

To the ego-mind, time is essential. When time is taken out and removed, the mind stops – unless you choose to use it. The breath is the warrior of the Soul. To have an endless preoccupation with past thoughts takes you out of the moment.

Jun 6, 2011

Look Deeply Within

Breathe, and have freedom from unhappiness. The ego has you think that unhappiness is a part of life. In a way this is truth; yet you do not have to be a fan of it. There are so many different ways of bringing your whole being into a place of being joyful, and that happens when you are serving others. In fact, you can hardly hear the ego’s thoughts as you serve.