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Apr 28, 2011

Manifest Your Dreams

The Shakti that inspires you to create depends entirely upon your spiritual awareness. There are three steps you can use for manifestation of your dreams: belief in your own spirituality, visualization of what it is you want (remember nothing is too big or too small for the Universe), and then the materialization of that which the Universe heard you calling for. The power to see anything in its completeness comes from faith in yourself and the Universe.
You may have tasted the Universe and the Formless in meditation.
Can you close your eyes and see what it is you want the Great Universe to bring you? Then do so now. Keep doing it as you see it more clearly. This is called a vision of the law, Universal law.

Apr 27, 2011

Mantra and Sleep

Repetition of a mantra as you go to sleep brings the world of the Gods and Goddesses to you as you rest. The repetition of any name of God at any time can bring peace to your heart. You begin to realize that you are always your Divine Self, whether you are awake or asleep. You sleep most profoundly when your mind is awakened to the Higher Reality within, when you realize that your personality is a wave of joy in the cosmic ocean of life and death. When you find out that you do not carry the strings of your personality in your own hands – you are in the Universal Mother’s hands – you can feel a great release. You can easily allow yourself to relax and carry yourself into deep, healthy sleep.

Apr 26, 2011

Divine Self

When you forget the Divine Self, you are lost in the ego mind.
You are lost into the process of becoming. The seeker gets tied up with becoming something all the time, wanting to be this or that.
You do not see what the Universal Mother can see: the beauty that hides deep in the center of your heart. When you sit, you can feel the spiritual heart as you are invited to sit by the Mother’s well and drink from Her waters. The great Source supplies you with Divine Shakti to reach your Source. The Mother leads you to the edge, and then She takes you into your Self.

Apr 25, 2011



Prana is the subtlest form of energy. As the universal storehouse of energy, it underlies all other kinds of energy. Prana is the manifestation of the Supreme Spirit as the sustainer of life, death and all forces in the world. Without prana there would be no life on Earth. This is the meaning of prana in a broader sense.


Apr 22, 2011

Faith in Yourself

You have amazing Shakti within that has not yet been tapped.
You can have whatever you want or need. However, what you want consciously is obstructed by your ego. The ego will confuse your higher mind and will not allow you to believe that your wishes or dreams can come true. You need to have faith in your own being – faith that you can succeed in anything you want to. Everyone wants to achieve great things. It is the Universal Mother who wants you to have whatever your spiritual heart wants for you. She brings you the will to sustain all your efforts. This is the difference between one who is successful and one who is not. Similarly, in order to succeed in your practical and spiritual life you must be decisive and you must think clearly.

Apr 19, 2011

The Mystical Breath

Each moment is filled with a mystical prana. It takes you beyond the breath to a deep silence. This brings a better use of each second of your life. Even as you read these words, the very air you breathe becomes quite subtle. Then every cell of your body becomes nourished. After years of tiring, your body seems to stop – and a new feeling of being alive bursts forth.

Apr 18, 2011

The Mother of All

Beyond all religions and philosophies, beyond all Yogic disciplines, “That which is that” are the most perfect of all words. She who is the giver of all life is the Mother of all. She instills in the Soul a vision of the blissful realms of the Self. She is the compassionate Mother who teaches by your mistakes and does not condemn or judge. She is the Cosmic Will. She brings you the tree of love deep in the heart. She brings you all you need to live a joyous life.
She is the joy of everyone’s Soul.

Apr 15, 2011

Knowing the Self

You can know your Soul in the silence of meditation. Knowing the Atman (the universal Soul) is to be attained in the moment, without waiting for after death. If you can know the Self, you will be able to reach your true goal in life. Liberation is not created by wisdom; it is always here in your spiritual heart. You only have to access it through meditation. In meditation, you can be taken into the depth of your Being. You can see the whole Universe within yourself.

Apr 14, 2011

Gratitude and the Soul

The essence of Shakti comes fast and takes you very deep within.
Everything that can break the fetters that enchain your soul should be practiced and welcomed. Let the ego perish in its own funeral pyre. In this way, you enjoy life to its fullest. The infinite grandeur of the Soul can be felt as you journey into the Formless. The Individual Soul communes with the Ocean of the Soul. I love teaching of the Soul, for it is easy to feel it in the silence of meditation. I do not speak lightly of the Soul. I mention it a lot because I want you to speak to your Soul as long as you can.
You can get the feeling of being more than you thought you were when you meditate upon your Soul. We are the Universe, and the Universe resides deeply inside of us. And yet we forget, and only gratitude can bring us back to the moment. There is calmness in our lives when we live in gratitude. There is an old French proverb that states, “Gratitude is the heart’s memory.”

Apr 14, 2011No Comments

The Nature of the Self

When the yogi realizes the real nature of the self, she or he becomes untouched by worldly desires. Knowing one’s Self does not mean that one must give up things of the world. Indeed it is the opposite: whatever you ask of the Universe is given. You just have to be open to it. You simply lose the attachment to worldly objects.

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