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Mar 9, 2011No Comments

Mother Shakti

On Kashi one learns how to reclaim spiritual love and the spiritual power known as Shakti. So many people have forgotten the existence of the feminine power of Shakti. All of Kashi is the reminder of the Feminine. If you accept the existence of spiritual powers, which are represented in all religions, then you can accept that there are those who can teach you how to use these magnificent powers of the Universe.

Mar 8, 2011No Comments

The Love of the Mother

Do you know that the Mother loves you as you are? Now it is for you to love yourself as you are, yet ready to change if you want to. You change so you can have more joy in your life and bring joy to others. The fires inside your spiritual heart are like rubies ready to burst into flames of bliss. All the jewels of the Universe are offered to you, if you are quiet enough to listen. The Mother Laxmi wears a lot of green, which are the emeralds of the Gods.
Look for colors in your life and enjoy them, for they are a gift of Mother Nature. The black in life is Mother Kali watching over you; this is why you need not fear the night, for it is then that the Mothers dance on the Moon.

Mar 3, 2011No Comments

The Fire of the Heart

The Spiritual Heart Center in the physical body is the space of universal consciousness. When intuition begins to awaken from the center of the solar plexus, it also enters the heart chakra.
Intuition can become conscious prana, from which you can become spiritually aware at all times. The importance of being aware of your chakras and the way they work is to be able to focus better in life, in meditation, and even in the Formless.

Mar 2, 2011No Comments

The Flow of Prana

When you feel the inner power in meditation, you can feel bliss in the pranic currents. You experience bliss – and at times you may also feel fear. This is the ego that sends you thoughts of unworthiness. In order to understand this, you have to trust your own intuition and go with the flow of prana.
The Universal Mother is giving you the inner ability to breathe mentally and keep the breath internally. Regard your body as an empty vessel so you can receive as much as the Mother plans to give you. It is all about trusting yourself. These are all sacred teachings; you know deep down that you deserve to learn.

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