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Archive for February, 2011

Feb 10, 2011No Comments

Mother Laxmi

Mother Laxmi is part of our daily life. There is not a thought, a gesture or an action which does not contain the Shakti of Mother Laxmi. She is the power which links the dancer to the music.
She establishes a link between all things. She takes us beyond all kinds of wants and provides us with abundance and health beyond what we can conceive.

Feb 7, 2011No Comments

Kundalini and Prana

All forms of discipline and awareness of consciousness bring to you the development of the open heart, and eventually Kundalini awakens. The feeling of Divine Energy coming through the base of the spine is the purity of love. This mysterious feeling tells you that your heart has space to open more and more. When subconscious veils of ego placed thoughts are lifted, you feel so free that you are able to give to others just by deliberate thought.

Feb 7, 2011No Comments

The Lotus Blooms

As you sit, look forward to going deeper into yourself, into the true Self that is God and is the fullness of the Universal Mother.
Within the heart the lotus blooms, unfolding the hidden secrets of the Self. The vision of the Mother soars higher. It is the Mother who consumes the darkness in all of Her children and opens a path to liberation within their hearts. This is beyond pain, grief, and sorrow. The Mother takes you into the bliss of the now.

Feb 7, 20111 Comment

The Lotus of the Heart

The lotus flower is not compelled to spread its fragrance.
To spread its fragrance is in its nature. When the lotus of the heart blossoms, it naturally spreads the fragrance of love and Shakti to all who come in contact with it. When the Universal Mother opens your heart, the true flowering occurs and the person is not conscious of it. Love is always there. Everything is transformed into flowing love. One soon becomes permeated with the higher qualities of the universe.

Feb 1, 2011No Comments


Tantra is the connective essence to the inner self and the whole Universe. In Tantra you learn how to change your vibration to match and pulsate with the Great Wisdom Mother. With an open heart, you can feel the vibrations of the Universe open yourself to love and the beauty of the Universal Mother. Tantra is the science and beauty of the human form that aligns with the whole of the Universe.

Feb 1, 2011No Comments

Mystical Experience

The rare mystical experience that so many seek is coming right to you in the next breath you take, if you are mindful. Thus the validity of your breath is in your thought-forms. As you breathe in, think that an adventure is coming toward you to be experienced and explored. As you breathe out, feel all the negativity that you live with flowing out. We are all mystics, slowly having our hearts awaken to who we truly are. Breathe in and out deeply all this day long.

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