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Feb 28, 20111 Comment

Awareness Breath

The breath can take you into Earthly Samadhi if you would only be aware. Sit in the stillness and become aware of your thoughts passing through. Watch your thoughts as a silent witness. Find a space or the tiny bit of time between a thought passing and a thought appearing. Look for that tiny time between thoughts and prolong it. Do not try too hard.
Do this for about five minutes and then watch your breath, letting the breath do what it may. Bring your awareness to your spiritual heart, and think of your fourth chakra as a wide open space. Rest in the gap between the breaths and just lose yourself in this space.

Feb 25, 2011No Comments

The Journey

As you meditate more, a glow comes over you.
Silence follows you and leads you into the stillness of the Mother.
The heat of spiritual passion begins to burn, and the journey begins. The fire in the soul connects with the life force of the body. Where there were days of confusion, there is now sweetness of life. As you go on the journey toward the Formless, there is so much calling you home.

Feb 23, 2011No Comments

Mother’s Creation

In the smallest second, shorter than a dream, you can change your life and the feelings of your heart. This feeling cannot be replaced with an ego thought, for it is unique. It is God’s creation of the Feminine, and it is the Mother. You realize in this one second that to journey where you have come from takes one glimpse and a single feeling of love. Suddenly the mind cannot comprehend what the heart knows. You know just know that you are the Mother’s creation, and She will never betray you or forget you.

Feb 23, 20111 Comment

Kundalini Rising

The subconscious mind may be aroused by the rising of Kundalini; it is brought into action in any direction and made to serve you by concentration. The practice of concentration requires the control of the mental ego thought. All modes of consciousness are known to the Mother Kundalini, yet they can be led anywhere by your higher mind. Your spiritual truth will burst forth when Kundalini reaches the point of the heart chakra. She penetrates the fourth chakra deeply when you are in meditation. This will enable you to grow out of limited attainment and will allow you to reach spaces beyond the ego.

Feb 22, 20111 Comment

Peace and Love

There are so many times that you become restless. You almost do not know what to do with yourself. You can become prey to illusions, and you can be victimized by guilt when you feel restless. Yet meditation can overcome restlessness; all your feelings, including unworthiness, can begin to disappear with the practice of meditation. When you go deep into yourself, where time is meaningless and any place is no place, all concepts of life and death begin to melt away. They are laid aside until you can learn detachment; then you can have anything in the world or the heavens. Peace and love are what your soul yearns for.
You can soar to the highest place of your being when peace and love become part of you. The silent mirrors of the Mother reflect all Her love for you through meditation. In honest clarity, you must know that you are loved deeply by the Universal Mother.

Feb 20, 2011

The Light of the Mother


When thoughts overtake you, call on the Light of the Mother. She is the inherent Shakti behind all that exists. She can blind your ego-thoughts and teach you how to reach for a happier thought, thus dismissing the ego. A steady awareness of Her flow of love allows us a happy and blissful life. To attain bliss, we ask …more

Feb 17, 2011No Comments

Your True Heart

To be in the essence of the Universal Mother is to be in the essence of your true essential self. The Mother takes you into your heart without the negative moods of the ego. The heart of the true you can express to the Universe all that you are.
Take the moment and feel the spiritual heart in the center of your chest. Breathe in and out of your chest, saying all the time, “The Mother loves me.” I can still remember when Neem Karoli Baba told your Ma the same words, except to say, ” My Baba loves me.”

Feb 14, 2011No Comments


Honoring the Universal Mother’s will, we can find acceptance in our hearts and minds for our own faults and shortcomings.
She will give us the courage to learn from our mistakes and the strength to forgive both ourselves and others. In your heart you can feel all that She endows you with. She saves you from the illusions of the world and brings you to the reality of God. Take one thing that happens in your life that you would normally ignore and give it your full attention. See where this takes you.
Perhaps there are many things that you pass by that will add to your life. It is the Mother’s light that gives you an opportunity to understand your purpose in life.

Feb 12, 20111 Comment

The Mother is Always

Be still a moment this morning before you start your day, and draw aside the veil. Look beyond what seems to be into what your heart knows to be. Kashi is magnificent in the morning light; She brings to all a certain wisdom of the mind of the Universal Mother. She brings to you the eternal stillness of Her love for all of you. She teaches us all how holy we are. She shows us how the ego brings us thoughts of negativity, but the heart is always positive. See the Mother as your host upon this Earth of ours.
Enjoy Her love and protection. You, too, are the Mother; you are a reflection of Her.

Feb 11, 2011No Comments

The Heartbeat of the Mother

When your thoughts bring chaos to your life, take a deep breath and say to yourself, “Stop!” This simple word becomes a deliberate thought, and for a few seconds you have control in your life. That is all most of us need to bring us back to reality and into the moment. Doing Kali Natha Tantric Yoga controls thought-waves through movements. When you are still, there are always answers to what you feel – even when you are agitated.
Your heart is free, even as you pray for freedom. The Mother is the underlying reality in our being, and the heartbeat of the Mother is always within us. She is easy to access when you truly want to.

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