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Jan 25, 2011No Comments


So many people are thirsty for the Formless and the Shakti of the Universal Mother. Devotion is the essence of our journey toward the Self.Devotion is a prayer in itself. To become aware of the empty mind and the full soul changes lives. When you penetrate the tough shield of the ego, you enter into a form of bliss.

Jan 24, 2011

This is It


When you breathe in the moment, remind yourself that this is it. Look at the beauty of feeling, being, and living in this moment, and know that all good things are on their way to you. You can feel it in this moment

Look deeply into your present moment as you enjoy your breath, and feel the love that …more

Jan 20, 2011No Comments

A New Life

Some of you think you are not adequate in the things you chose to do in life. Yet as the Mother looks toward you, She sees potential and joy in your life. The Universal Mother can show you all how much you have accomplished and how much more you are able to do. This new year make a new life, especially if you are fortunate to live in community. Through meditation you will become stronger, and you will start to believe in yourself more and more. You can feel the beauty of acceptance flow from the Mother to you.

Jan 18, 2011No Comments

The Journey

The ‘journey’ metaphor is used in many cultures. We have succeeded in so many ways on this journey of life on Kashi Ashram and with Kali Natha Yoga. The journey to us means the Path, or our Dharma. It is the Universal Mother’s job to teach you how to perceive the underlying harmony, as well as to live and make choices in accordance with it. There is so much room for free will and compassion in this Teaching that I bow to our Neem Karoli Baba’s wisdom and truth.

Jan 13, 2011No Comments

Walking Meditation

If you find that you cannot sit for any length of time, then do walking meditation practice. Periods of sitting meditation can be alternated with walking meditation. Sometimes when you are very agitated or angry, walking may improve your disposition
You can focus on your steps or say your mantra as you walk with awareness. You can couple awareness of your steps with the awareness of your breath. When you enter into a walking meditation, you are walking not to get to any particular place; you are walking to feel your spiritual heart.

Jan 12, 20111 Comment

This Moment

Do you realize that this very moment is all we have to work with?
Yet we always get lost out of the moment and find it hard to find our way back. What I mean by lost is that we momentarily lose touch with our essential selves when we leave the now for our yesterday or our so-called tomorrow. The feelings that we had yesterday can no longer affect our bodies unless we let them.
We can only think about tomorrow’s feelings, thus making our bodies tired with our own thoughts. If we are not careful with our thoughts, we may find ourselves unable to grow spiritually and mentally, thus bringing depression. When we fall into the clouded moments of yesterday, we allow ourselves to stretch out those foggy moments and skip the beauty of the now. We don’t let the present moment sink in long enough to feel the now. We don’t see the present moment in its fullness. We hope things will get better in our lives.

Jan 11, 2011No Comments

Universal Mother

There is nothing that you cannot accomplish when you call on the Universal Mother. When you live in the Mother’s light, there is nothing that you cannot do. It is the Mother who cries out, “Call on me, and I shall enter the space of your spiritual heart.”
This is an intimate Journey through your spiritual heart. The power of possibility is released in your heart when you sincerely call on She who believes in you. You are never alone on this journey called life, as well as the journey called death that will bring you into life once again.

Jan 6, 2011No Comments

Mindfulness and the Mother

Mindfulness is being aware of what is happening in the present moment. It means to notice the flow of your life as you are walking, talking or anything you are doing in the moment. Whatever you are doing, observe what you are doing. When you are mindful, your whole day becomes a dance. Mindfulness brings the great qualities that you have to the surface of your life. You all have begun a journey into the mind. Be patient with yourself.
No matter how long you are on the journey, you can always start again in the moment.

Jan 5, 20111 Comment

Deliberate Thinking

This year learn to act as if the life you visualize for yourself is the life you lead. Pretend that what you visualize in your mind is happening now, in the moment. Create your thoughts as intentions that have already manifested. Tell yourself that any vision you have in your mind is already here. It is no longer just a wish or a desire. This is called deliberate thinking. Ask the Universe for anything you want or need. Be positive. Simply be in the now. In this moment you have all your answers. Take one step at a time as you go deeper into positive thinking. Be determined to go through anything you want to change.

Jan 4, 2011No Comments

Your Birthright

Wherever there is love, there is also joy. The joy of love and the abundance of prosperity are your birthright. I ask all of you that you listen to the song in your heart that the Mother Laxmi sings to you in the quiet moments of your life.

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