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Dec 31, 2011No Comments

I’m the kind of person who loves to problem solve and get things right. Is that the same thing as the desire to be right?

It depends to how far you take that. So many times we concentrate on focusing and doing something so right that many times we get it wrong. If it’s an obsession to get it right, then you are absolutely in the karmic space of desiring to be right. But if you are open to your own conscious thoughts, to look …more

Dec 31, 2011No Comments

You say that we forget our freedom but never stop longing for it. What exactly is the freedom that we are longing for?

When you meditate or even try to meditate and you get in that space – even just by counting backwards or by simply breathing in and out while saying “breathing in 1, breathing out 1” – something in you stops. The chaos begins to stop. The uttering of thoughts begins to calm down. That is the beginning of a sense …more

Dec 31, 2011No Comments

How do I know when I’ve crossed the line between taking care of myself and being self-indulgent?

If a feeling of guilt comes over you as you are taking care of yourself, you need to truly look at it for the guilt comes from the ego.  Self-indulgence, you will know..  Your whole body will understand that this is too much – I’m doing too much and I’m complaining too much and I’m taking a lot more time …more

Dec 29, 2011No Comments

Practice For Awareness

  • Begin in a comfortable sitting position, fingers interlaced, palms up tips of the thumbs touching
  • Notice the pressure between the thumbs
  • If the thumbs separate and fall to the sides as you begin to breathe silently in and out, you are not allowing awareness to touch you
  • If the thumbs are pressing too hard, you are trying too hard …more
Dec 23, 2011No Comments

The Moment

I want all of you to be out of the Karmic Spaces, and this book will totally help you live the life you want for yourself.

THE MOMENT page 113

“The moment washes away all things except love. We tend to think that our problems are here and now, so we do all kinds of things to escape …more

Dec 22, 2011No Comments

Bringing Balance to Your Body

  • Begin sitting or standing comfortably
  • Bring the hands together in prayer pose or Pranam
  • Press the hands together, elbows are raised   – this is Tight Pranam
  • Notice which hand feels stronger in Tight Pranam
  • Press in from the side which is not as strong and bring balance to your body

This can be done in any …more

Dec 22, 2011

The Mother of the Meeting Rivers


There is one Goddess who is called the Mother of the Meeting Rivers. She can be any Goddess in which you believe. We who love the Mother and understand that She is always with us feel Her in every part of our physical and nonphysical bodies. Yet She is mostly found in the very center of the chest.

The …more

Dec 20, 2011



When you meditate and experience the Silence and the Formless, your body becomes relaxed. There is a passive condition of the mind, body and soul in which your spirit energizes, illumines and clarifies the conscious planes of the mind. Then you surrender to your Higher Self, where the wisdom of the Soul takes over.

Meditation is the perfect place …more

Dec 20, 2011No Comments

The Divine Blueprint

In every Soul there is a divine blueprint.

You need to use your intuition to ponder and understand it. The lamp of your God will shine on the way and illuminate the road to take each day. It takes courage to become who you are. It takes a lack of awareness to ignore who you are.

In the 11 Karmic …more

Dec 19, 20111 Comment

Stopping a Petty Tyrant with Kindness

I was familiar with the concept of a “petty tyrant”, an impossible person in an authoritarian position which one has to deal with in life. I first read about it in the spiritual books of Carlos Castaneda. I didn’t realize, however, that one day it was to be one of my best teachings.

I had a job where my boss …more

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