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Archive for December, 2010

Dec 29, 2010No Comments

You Are the Self

You all are the Self, beyond the senses and the mind. You are free from all limitations. You are free of the ego-thoughts that the ego sends to the human mind. The heart of your Beloved is beyond all religions and philosophies.

Dec 27, 2010No Comments

Relinquish Your Need to be Right

You all have the power to become whatever it is you want to be.
Relinquish your need to be right. This is the single most important Karmic Space that you must conquer in order to find happiness.
No one needs to be proved wrong. Quiet the need to be right, and give up the need to make others wrong just to make yourself right. When you can do this, you have created a wonderful miracle for yourself and for others. Contemplate this tonight, and see how free you can feel giving up the Karmic Space of the Desire to Be Right.

Dec 17, 2010No Comments

Pain, Bliss, & Happiness

Painful are those who keep themselves away from the essence of the Universe. Painful is the consciousness that is closed to love.
Painful are all the limitations that you put upon yourself and others. Painful are your limited perceptions of who you are and who you are going to be.

Dec 16, 20102 Comments

Your Own True Self

Fall into the gentleness of your own true self this morning. Release any anxiety or tension. Allow your beautiful hidden self to come forward. Invite your hidden self to come to the surface of your being.

Dec 15, 2010No Comments

Feel Your Freedom

Sit quietly in the stillness. And ask yourself what you are grateful for. Go over your life, and count your blessings. See how your blessings can motivate you into greater blessings. It is all the matter of being grateful for what you have that will bring more happiness to you.

Dec 15, 2010No Comments

Fearful Thoughts

Most fears and worries begin in the mind. The ego sends thoughts and images, and then the ego promotes deep fears.
You become a victim of fearful thoughts. You begin to constantly listen to your thoughts, and this brings nothing but pain that is not necessary.

Dec 14, 2010No Comments

Live in the Now

When you listen to the ego, life hurts and wearies you – and you feel that the pain will never cease. Yet those were past thoughts.
I invite you to live in the moment. This very moment we merge in the purest of love. Our spirits will always be. No one is forcing you to get life right this moment. I am only asking you to be in the moment and experience the now like never before.

Dec 10, 2010No Comments

Who Am I?

Take this night and sit, and ask over and over, “WHO AM I WHO AM I?” Do this for five minutes, and then count your breaths for 15 minutes. One in, one out; two in, two out – and so forth.
If you lose count, you probably will just start all over. Focus on the numbers and let the thoughts just go. Say to yourself, “It is just a thought; it is just a thought.” Then just sit, and focus on your breath calming your body, mind and Soul. You are simply light, and the more you sit the more you can feel this light deep inside of you.

Dec 6, 20101 Comment

Living in Love

I want you all to make your mind up that you are going to walk through life with the Universal Mother. Make up your mind that you want peace and love in your life, and they will be there.
You have to make up your mind to walk in love with the Mother.
Love is how you treat people and yourself. You have to be certain to know that the Mother is with you, no matter what you do.

Dec 3, 20101 Comment

Breathing In and Out

Do not get so involved in the holidays that you forget to breathe with awareness. The breath is your connection to the Universal Mother. One should rejoice in the joys of the breath. This leads to the development of great strength. By watching your breath, depression can be driven away. The breath is the beginning of your spiritual power.

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