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Archive for November, 2010

Nov 30, 2010

Mother’s Breath

Let yourself fall gently into the Universal Mother’s breath, and allow yourself to ask the Mother for whatever you need or think you need. Keep breathing in and out as you feel the Mother’s breath caressing your brow. Allow yourself to feel your great love for the Mother. Let yourself be guided by the Mother, as She has only your best interests at heart. Surrender into the love that you feel for She who loves you deeply. Close your eyes and rest the mind on the Mother’s love. Allow all the internal voices come into silence by gently placing your thoughts into the Mother’s realm. When there is feeling of peace and lightness in your heart, bask in it until it comes to you more and more.

Nov 18, 2010No Comments

Giving Thanks

The Universal Mother knows what is suitable for her children. Turning to your inner Goddess frees you of all pain and past soul wounds. By turning inward you bring to yourself the joy of understanding who the Divine Mother is in accordance with your own path. The power of the Mother’s love dissolves the ego and sets you free.

Nov 16, 2010No Comments

The Calming Breath

Bring yourself before the spirit of the Universal Mother. Immerse yourself in Her Love. Breathe in the calm of the Universe.
Breathe out any tension. Then breathe in a longer breath for the count of seven; hold for the count of seven; breathe out for the count for seven, and hold out for the count of seven.

Nov 15, 2010No Comments

Choose Your Life

Take responsibility for your life. Meditate on your prosperity and what you really want from the Universe. Choose the personality that you want. You have chosen up to now. Now chose to be an open, beautiful human being.

Nov 15, 20101 Comment

Be Grateful

When you have gratitude, you take nothing for granted. The Mother’s love runs deep in your veins, and the joy of Shakti nourishes your bones. To receive the gift of the Mother’s love is to be in Her moment. This second feel the warmth of Her embrace and the joy of being in Her arms.

Nov 11, 20101 Comment

The Dream of the Mother

The whole Universe is the dream of the Mother. All of you are part of her dream. Your truth is her bliss. Your heart is her kingdom. When you utter her name, the Universal Mother hears you and comes to you. She is spirit, light, consciousness, bliss and the soul of her children.

Nov 8, 2010No Comments


In an Interfaith way, Diwali is the suppression of darkness and the beauty of the Light that overcomes any darkness. Diwali also represents the worship of Mother Laxmi. It is said that on this day She will grant Her children whatever they want. In every candle that is lit these days of Diwali, the Gods and the Goddesses light a thousand more. Kashi is the Light of Diwali.

Nov 1, 2010No Comments

Wisdom of Intuition

When you receive wisdom from your own intuition, you have the unique sense that you are dependent upon your true self… Vigilance in meditation brings the fastest results to understanding your own intuition. You learn in spiritual practice to let the light of spirituality enter into your consciousness and show you your beautiful intuition.