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Sep 8, 2010No Comments



The constant repetition of a mantra is known as Japa Meditation. Japa becomes Ajapa (spontaneous) when the mantra automatically repeats itself without conscious effort. It is said in the scriptures that ajapa comes from the heart, whereas japa comes from the mouth. Ajapa is complete sadhana in itself, and takes lots of practice to achieve. Mantra is a wonderful …more

Sep 7, 2010No Comments

A Chakra Meditation

You can go deep in to your heart through your chakras. The chakras are like markers of where you are in the moment. As you sit and breathe deeply, feel the heat gather at the base of your spine.
Concentrate on the flames coming from the heat. Feel the heat spreading all around to the front of you and then back to your spine.
You are feeling more relaxed with each breath.

Sep 3, 2010No Comments

Your Beloved is Always with You

The greatest ecstasy you can find in the human body is becoming one with the Beloved. This can occur when you least expect it, mostly during meditation. The body partakes of the feast of the soul. The Soul pervades the body with the sensation of the breath coming in and out. This is merging love into love. The inner relationship between Soul and the body can bring a great peace to the body.

Sep 1, 20102 Comments

Spiritual Freedom

You all seek the freedom of living in your spiritual essence. Spiritual poverty has no place on the path. To ask to get closer to your essential self, you need courage, determination, and strength. The lovers of the Universal Mother travel in the opposite direction of most of humanity. They follow the path of absolute, unconditional love. The true self belongs to the Mother within.

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