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Sep 30, 20101 Comment

The First Night of Durga Puja

Tonight is our first night of Kali Puja. She is making ready to consume karma and pain in the flames of the dhuni. She is the furious form of Mother Durga. She is said to be the brave warrior Goddess of every battle with the demon race. She dances upon Shiva’s chest, and He gives Her all His power. She is the Shakti of the world.

Sep 28, 20103 Comments

Meditation on Mother Kali

In preparation for the first night of Durga Puja, which is the Night of Mother Kali, this meditation will take you into the Mother’s heart. It is up to you how deep you want to go. Allowing your breath to go deep inside of your solar plexus, you must sit up as straight as you can and breathe in through your nostrils deep inside of your belly.

Sep 27, 2010No Comments

Meditation and Thought

As you begin to sit, watch your thoughts pass through Watch these thoughts like a detached observer. Look for a tiny second between a thought passing and a thought appearing. Once you begin to look for this to happen, the space between thoughts becomes longer and longer. Never force anything; it will happen. It is an amazing thing to watch your thoughts. The one word that works all the time is “NEXT.” As the thought invades your meditation, just say, “Next,” and watch the ego become confused. This is your opportunity to breathe more deeply.

Sep 25, 2010No Comments

Breath for Addictions


Some of you have written in asking for a breathing exercise to teach those who are addicted. I am proud of everyone who teaches others without judgment. This meditation can strengthen your mind and focus your heart.

Concentrate on your breathing. Try to relax as you focus on the breath coming in and out of your nostrils. Try to …more

Sep 24, 2010No Comments

Meditation and Counting

In practicing meditation, it is important to develop a steady, penetrating awareness of your heart chakra. Once the heart is open and flowing, meditation becomes easier. Practicing meditation helps people cultivate a strong awareness of all their actions during their lives. It takes time, but it is worth it.

Sep 20, 20101 Comment

Gratitude and Blessings

It is so vital that you count your blessings to appreciate what they possess. Inside every acknowledged blessing are more blessings. It is as if the Universe can hear and see your gratitude, and it sends you even more to be grateful for. This will bring you a positive outlook on life. You can cultivate gratitude and trace its importance throughout religious traditions over thousands of years. The secret to cultivate gratitude in our busy lives is to constantly be aware. Be aware of all that your fellow human beings contribute to your well-being.

Sep 17, 2010No Comments


Liberation is the awakening to our primal harmony. It brings us back to our roots, and yet we live fully in the moment. Mystical enlightenment is an inner truth that you know and spread, simply by breathing in and out the moment. On the inside, you are totally different. On the outside you look the same, except for a light that is always lit.

Sep 14, 20101 Comment

Insight and Intuition

We all have insight; we all have intuition. They are one and the same. Awareness is the secret to understanding your own intuition.
The Mother of Intuition lives deep inside of you. The ego clouds your intuition as well as the desire to understand your insight of all things.

Sep 9, 20101 Comment

Compassion and Happiness

In all of us there is a sense of home when we are where we want to be. This Home is deep in every human being. This is deep, compassionate love. You want everyone to live in this love.
The state of compassion includes the space of wholeness. When you are in this state, you never lose your sense of purpose. The Buddha said, “If you truly love yourself, you would never harm another.” This is the state of compassion. Every time we harm another, we hurt ourselves. When we direct love toward our heart, we can direct it to others.

Sep 8, 2010No Comments

The Key to Freedom

When you do things from the heart you are linked to the direct source of Divine knowledge and wisdom. This is the key to freedom. You can practice love. You look at anything or person in your life, and you simply let go and love them. After a while, this becomes a natural way of life. You accept that you are growing toward joy. Joy is the answer to so many questions. The seed of love is planted, and then it grows and grows. It is an expression of God when the love is poured over you.

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