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Aug 16, 2010No Comments

The Dance of Love

Woven into the heart of every human being is the dance of love.
This dance is not brittle, nor can it be stopped. It can be deep into the shadows of ego, and one can find it hard to hear the music of the dance. It lives in the inner world of our being. It does not belong to the time or the space of life or death. It is always there, just behind the curtain of existence. It is like a fragrant scent that can be smelt, yet it is invisible and present. It is neither in this world or another; it permeates in both.

Aug 16, 2010No Comments

Manifestation of the Mother

In the teachings of Kali Natha Yoga, the entire creation is conceived as a manifestation of the Divine Mother. The Mother is the conscious force that flows out and in of all beings. She seeks the joy of manifestation for all Her children. Each individual is essential to the beat of Her heart. You all have to awaken to your true nature as an individual. You are all a divine shadow of of Her past, present and future. She is you, and you are She.

Aug 13, 2010No Comments


One cannot practice the state of samadhi. However, you can experience samadhi when all of the shaktis are balanced. When all the chakras are flowing without any distractions, you can taste the beauty of samadhi. Harmony, along with gratitude for the ability to learn each day of your life, sets the chakras up to flow. A feeling of peace comes over you; when this does happen, milk it for all it is worth. Do not ignore these feelings of well-being. Your body, heart and mind are telling you that you are connected to the Universe and the Universe is in you. At times you can fall into samadhi by accident. When this happens, go with the flow. Take for yourself, and soon it will not be an accident when you fall into the true balance of your natural self.

Aug 13, 2010No Comments

The Mother’s Light

Like the great Mother who always checks on Her children, know that you are Her child. There are no boundaries to the Mother’s love. nor does it have limits. The expression of the Mother Form is filled with unconditional love. The intensity of the Mother’s pure light is the internal dimension of all matter. At times it is hidden, begging to be found by your awareness. Let your eyes open wide into the day or night of your life and see the Great Mother’s Light.
She opens you like a rosebud, and you can feel the touch of Her always by being aware.

Aug 12, 20102 Comments

Your Own Worth

Rumi says, “You are more valuable than Heaven and Earth. You do not know your own worth. Do not sell yourself at a ridiculous price – you who are so valuable in God’s eyes.” Once you can glimpse your own worth, you are filled with humility -you, who are so valuable in the Mother’s eyes. You carry Her caress in your heart. How can you think yourself any less than the Gods and Goddesses think of you?
Your heart is so pure; it is only the ego that brings you unworthiness. You are so infinitely precious to the Universal Mother.
You are the secret unity of the Mother and Her child.

Aug 11, 2010No Comments

Intuition and the Self

Intuition is potential in every being. Though we all exist in the realm of name and form, it is through intuition that one can find the deep formless deep within. Your deeper aspirations do not belong to your physical being; yet when the body is healthy, it is easier to be healthier of mind and soul.At times the soul longs to become free of all forms and dependence.

Aug 11, 2010No Comments

Unconditional Love

The most important obstacles to peace and love in the heart are the feelings of fear depression grief, discouragement, unworthiness and attachment. Yet all these things can be gone when you begin to understand that your Beloved has unconditional love for you. Even the thought that you can be unconditionally loved starts to remove of all of your obstacles. Unconditional love brings you a new trust in yourself.

Aug 9, 20102 Comments

Call on Your Beloved

Talk to your Beloved like a true friend. Ask your Beloved to help you. Nothing is too big or too small. Your Beloved will listen to you, and you will know this. If you will hear or feel a presence coming before you, listen closely. Continue a dialog: add your own words, and express yourself in your mind. This shuts out the ego. Simply be present with kindness and compassion for yourselves and for others.

Aug 9, 2010No Comments

The Sun and The Breath

To feel the breath is like seeing the sun rise and fall. Each breath comes in one time and goes out one time. It is not you trying to control or trying to get the breath do something. This breath brings a sense of self – just this eternal moment. All of a sudden we are simply just here. It truly is so simple; it is just coming back to the life we have. When you can sit for just 10 minutes, stress begins to dissolve.

Aug 4, 2010No Comments

Overcoming Negativity Within

Subconscious impressions are like grooves in a record. One has to work upon them. If you do not work on them, you continue to produce the same outcome over and over, each lifetime. With the practice of concentration, meditation, and creative activities in life, you allow the emergence of a greater and purer reason to change your impressions rather than follow the same old way and expect a different ending.

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