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Aug 30, 2010No Comments

Open Heart Meditation

Surrender into the feelings. Let everything come through. Let the chest be wide open. Do not be afraid of the love coming from the heart. Don’t judge yourself. Just experience all feelings, knowing that the Mother is with you. Let your breath bring you a soft awareness of the Mother’s love for you. She destroys pain and suffering. She takes from you what you do not need. Always try to be the child of the Mother.

Aug 27, 2010No Comments

Divine Balance

The key to knowing who you are is balance, Divine Balance. You have to love yourself and take care of yourself: eat right, exercise and meditate. By doing this, you will have balance and you will not give away any of your power unless you want to. We all live in the state of internal now, and you have to know what it is you want from the Universe in this internal now. Not later, or even before – RIGHT NOW. With great patience, wait as you do everything to make your dreams come true. Your prayers are your power that allows you to live in your highest good. You can repeat this from time to time: “I live in my highest good.” You can form a habit of meditation that will let you develop more love for yourself and for others.

Aug 26, 2010No Comments

The Ego-Mind

The ego is like a separate entity over which the mystic can gain mastery. But the ego does not like to give up its ability to rule us fully. It does not like to give up its freedom by losing a great influence over us. You need to learn to separate the heart-mind from the ego-mind. You do this by turning your attention to both your Beloved and the Mother of intuition. In this way, you break the stranglehold of the ego mind.

Aug 24, 2010No Comments

The Mother of Intuition

There is always a divine guidance inside of you. It is the Mother of Intuition. Merely wishing for intuition is not going to work. You have to trust the wisdom that created you. Surrender to your own intuition. Trust in the miracle that you already are. The Mother speaks through you. When you have mastered the art of serving others, you begin to master yourself. Know that inside of you are the Blessings of the Mother. You only have to bring them to the surface.

Aug 24, 20101 Comment

Miracles and Flowing Moments

You and you alone are responsible for the impressions that enter your mind. You must know how powerful your minds are. You can create the world that you wish to live in.
You only have to trust your inner vision. You have something in you that no one can take away from you. You have a special retreat inside of you, and you know this by beginning to living your dreams. The greatest power comes from your Soul; not from your ego mind, but from the Soul that brings you the true bliss that is yours – if only you would take it.

Aug 23, 2010No Comments

Non-Judgment and the Breath

Focus on your in and out breath, and feel the breath expand. Then pay no attention to the breath. Keep your spine straight. There is a subtle energy that rides up and down your spine. Place your palms on your thighs or palms together in your lap. Try to keep the eyes closed. Just take notice of your breathing. It flows in and it flows back out into space. Little by little, you hook on to that rhythm. The breath comes out into the clear blue sky infinite spaciousness. When you catch yourself wandering say to yourself, “Thinking, thinking, thinking.”

Aug 23, 2010No Comments

Mother’s Temple of Love

There are times when you are in such need of the Mother that you hide under your own pride and desire. Her love opens your silence; as we enter even slightly, Her heart pulls us in. We step over our abandoned pride and enter into Her temple of love. She keeps us with Her until our tears dry out. Our feelings of jealousy fall apart as we weep in Her Divine arms. Her heart weeps for all of us. As we look into Her eyes, we see that we can return to our lives and settle in – for She has taken our fears.

Aug 20, 2010No Comments


Try to understand that when you feel at peace, even for a moment, it is because you are expanding. When you expand, all your views begin to change. The sense of freedom and peace takes place within the waves of your heart. Whenever you feel love even for a second, milk it and enjoy it; that too will expand into the place where time does not exist. Endeavor this day to understand your ability to expand and hold more truth and love than you can comprehend.

Aug 20, 20101 Comment

Being in Balance

When unexpected feelings come to the surface, and when remarks are made that really mean nothing at all- yet you are still hurt a lot – then you must understand that you are not in alignment. You are not in balance with your true nature. You can tell if you let your body speak to you. See how you feel. Ask yourself, “Why did I feel like this?” Then follow your mind back into your own unconscious, and let your heart figure it out.

Aug 19, 20101 Comment

Call on the Mother

Deep inside of you there is sweet harmony behind all the chaos of life. There is a simple order in the love that is born from your spiritual heart that goes beyond the complications that life brings. It is a matter of allowing the love that you already have to come to the surface of who you are. When you are quiet, there are always flashes of intuition that make themselves known. The lake of your mind stays calm and still when you call on the Universal Mother. She is kind and gentle and filled with eyes of compassion. She consumes all that is negative and brings you to the endless bliss of harmony and liberation.

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