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Jul 30, 2010No Comments

The Dance of Life

You are the dance of life, and the Beloved only wants to dance with you through your life so you feel the sense of grace. Awareness trains you to be alive. Be aware of your state of mind.
Be aware of your feelings. Be aware of your heart. This is the now.

Jul 30, 2010No Comments

Taste Your Life

Taste your life, and taste the calmness of your mind, even when it is difficult. Always reach for a greater thought. Simply enjoy being alive. When your mind is quiet, look out at your world. Be grateful for all you have instead of begging for what you want or think you want. The quality of the presence of Mother is always there in your heart. There is rapture in being alive; you have to look for it. Become the Light of who you are. There is a beautiful quality in everyone, and this quality is pure light. Your inner truth is the light.
You want to remember your true being.

Jul 26, 2010No Comments

The Power of Loving

Love is the greatest power that there is. It goes far beyond anything you can imagine. When you are afraid of love, you tend to draw lines. You tend to say, “This is what and whom I can open to.”
This does not allow you to understand to what capacity you can hold another or have another hold you.

Jul 22, 2010No Comments

The Mother’s Heart Breath

Sit quietly and breathe in and out, making the breath go deeper and deeper. Then breathe in and out of your heart for five full deep, wonderful breaths, saying to yourself, “My Beloved loves me.” Bring your awareness to the base of your spine. Bring the essence of your heart, blessed by the Mother, into the base of your spine for five full, deep breaths. Then come up each chakra, breathing in and out of each one three times. When you reach the top of the head and you breathe in and out three times, you are ready for the flowing Mother’s love to truly touch the center of your chest.

Jul 21, 2010No Comments

Forgiveness and Letting Go

“I forgive myself” is an unbelievable mantra. When you begin to forgive yourself, look at your day, lie down at night and look at what you have accomplished during that one day. Ask yourself, “Have I lied? Have I hurt anyone? Have I lived this day fully?” When you say, “I shouldn’t have done that,” place it on a metaphorical breakfast plate. Remember it the next day, eat it, and make sure you don’t do that again.

Jul 15, 2010No Comments

Love and Kindness

The practice of love and kindness means that you are developing the art of friendship to yourself. You begin to understand how fleeting things can be. And so you learn how to communicate with your Soul. We all have the capacity to love. No matter how painful it is to be pushed away, there is still a way to love those whom you think do not love you. You do it quietly and constantly, and you will find that others will open up to you eventually. Put a soft focus on everything. Life in this soft focus is not so hard. Get in touch with your own Soul, which is unchanging and perfect. When you are in touch with your Soul, you are in touch with the deeper you. Give it a try – you have nothing to lose, except your ego.

Jul 13, 2010No Comments

Inner Higher Power

Kali Natha yogis are taught to take care of their bodies and to see beauty inside themselves all of their lives. One learns to see beauty in everyone. Each action you take is in the name of the Universal Mother. Each action you take is part of your higher intelligence. Be open at all times to the communication in yourself; this communication will lead you to the beauty of the universe. As you rise this day, use mantras that will tell you how much you are loved.

Jul 9, 2010No Comments

Being Aware

By being aware, you begin to notice that what you have asked for has already come to you in one form or another. Step back for a second and look deeply at all you have to be grateful for. Look and think about this a few times a day. Every time you hear a phone ring, take an extra deep breath; this also will bring a greater awareness. You begin to come in tune with your true self. As you watch your life, you become expert at reading symbols and hidden joys that you could not see if you were not aware.

Jul 6, 20101 Comment

Create Your Future

In order to create something with absolute certainty, you must foresee the necessary conditions. Universal Law wants to reveal what you have asked for, so you must be absolutely certain of your desire. If what you desire is not in your hand as of yet, you must pretend that it is on its way. You are creating your own destiny, and you cannot be halfhearted. You must know that what you can create in your mind and heart is yours already.

Jul 6, 2010No Comments


Samadhi is the fullest extension of Higher Consciousness. Your Beloved can take you slowly from step to step, through all dimensions. In other word, it could take years, months, or perhaps only days. It depends how serious you are about reaching your destiny this life. Of course there is a lot of humor on the journey, as well as joy and doubt in yourself. Yet the journey can bring bliss to your life as well. Samadhi is the climax of all meditations, and then the Beloved teaches you how to live in the world yet not of it.

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