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Jun 12, 2010No Comments

Heart Love

There is one thing in the world you must never forget, and that one thing is heart love. The heart cannot beat without love this is stamped with fire. If you forget this, you forget life. If you forget this, you forget death. Each one of us remembers in different ways.
This does not matter as long as you remember. Heart love, unconditional love –they are the same thing. When life is over in this particular body, that which is stamped into the Soul in letters of fire is heart love. You cannot lose it.

Jun 11, 2010No Comments

The Seeker’s Heart

The heart of the seeker is bigger than the Universe itself. The center of the seeker is the center of the Universe. You have to make any conceivable effort to reach the Higher Power inside of yourself. Each morning you have to give thanks to where you are in the moment of now.

Jun 10, 2010No Comments

Work with the Mother

When you enter the spiritual path, you attract the energies of all the Gods and Goddesses that you are familiar to you or your religion.
The world exists so the Universal Mother can come to know you.
Work with the Mother and know creation. She loves you and protects you. You just have to be aware that the Mother is always listening to you, always protecting.

Jun 9, 2010No Comments

Change Your Reaction

It takes an enormous amount of energy to take the wrong path in life. The second you step into any of the Karmic Spaces you can feel the darkness coming to the surface more quickly. You attract more trouble to yourself. Life does not get any easier. You work more in the dark instead of the Light. You suddenly become aware of what you do not like about yourself and you forget your own beauty. You begin to hide within yourself.

Jun 8, 20101 Comment

The Mother

The Mother permeates the entire universe. She possesses the purest Shakti of reaching everything and everyone. Her Essence is everywhere. We all get hurt at one time or another – yet to remember that Her Essence is within us eases all pain. The Mother brings us to the place of bliss. This bliss can run through pain and bring light to the darkest of nights. If you call on the Mother, She will come to you with shining wisdom. Ask her to grant you a simple and open heart.

Jun 7, 2010No Comments

The Light

There is a Light that is available to all of you. There are so many years for us to be together yet why wait for tomorrow to be in this Light which is available to all of you now. For a moment, an hour, and all day long, feel the lightness of your Being. It does not matter how long you can feel this Light. Just taste it.

Jun 5, 2010No Comments

The Strength of Love

There is a secret life deep within that longs to be found. It is a form of you with much less ego. It is a place that can help you heal your own wounds. Every wound is different, but every wound can be healed by the meditation on the heart. Strength comes from the love for the Universal Mother. Strength comes out of the winter of pain. Each shape of your wounds has a story, yet each wound can be healed the same way. How much are you willing to give up so you can heal the wounded heart?

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