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Jun 30, 2010No Comments

The Oneness

The world of the past is gone and all of creation is new in the now. The beauty of the world addresses you and shows you its radiance as it shines through the human heart. The calling of your heart is the calling of the Universal Mother for Her child. Her beauty gladdens the heart. Her beauty is woven in the great heart of life. Abusing power is not the Mother’s way. Loving and compassion is the way of the Mother’s heart. There are so many ways your life becomes different once you have sat with your Beloved.

Jun 30, 2010No Comments

The Flow of Life

When you are attached to something that you seem to want so badly and you finally get it, you realize that you never wanted it at all. This is because everything changes with the flow of life. If you can become calm and embrace your own flow of life, you will realize that when you appreciate what you have, you will call forth that which you desire. This is the beauty of the mystical journey we are all on.

Jun 29, 2010No Comments

Your Own Beauty

Begin to trust in the beauty of your own Essence. If you trusted in the beauty of your own Essence, you would take so much pressure away from your heart. There is so little to be done in life except to be. Your inner beauty is something you do not own or posses; it is the heart of the temple of your Being. If you do not believe it is there, you can never reach it. You must believe in your inner beauty. Embrace it.

Jun 28, 2010No Comments

Compassion and Pain

If you expect to be hurt, then people will be lining up to hurt you.
Grab hold of your destiny and add your own ideas to what you want for yourself. The sky is the limit as long as your heart is full. Gain your poise and confidence just knowing that you are loved by your Beloved. Many who have been hurt are able to bring in incredible waves of happiness coming from the pain. The birth of real compassion comes from hurt itself. You learn compassion, you see compassion, and you have compassion for others. Compassion is the opposite of blindness and ignorance. It is the boon to enter into the hurt of another. You can bring out the beauty of others. Find your own heart this moment. Find your vulnerability, and know that others are vulnerable as well.

Jun 25, 20101 Comment


Your Soul has a purpose, and that purpose is love. Love brings a huge amount of joy.
You were born to live in joy. Others will see this joy in your eyes and will want it for themselves. This joy awakens a desire to live to serve and to serve to live. You can feel this joy when you live your day and do day-to-day things. Meditation is like a lantern; it illuminates the inner landscapes of our lives and helps us to find hidden riches.

Jun 24, 2010No Comments

23 Minute Meditation

Meditation is like becoming a great artist, bringing all fragmentation to the surface of your being in a full circle of an invisible embrace of the Mother. Dignity and elegance can be yours from clearing your mind during meditation. When the thoughts start to come, remember to say, “It is just a thought.”

Jun 22, 2010No Comments

The Earth & the Formless

Time is meaningless in the space of the Formless. The place is nowhere. The feeling is pure, spiritual bliss. It is a dream with no dimensions. There is only the blazing Light of truth within. All is still.

Jun 18, 2010No Comments


At the beginning of your journey, life offers you a mirror. The mirror fills and fills, and as you learn it becomes clearer. The imagination sees what the world truly is – this is why children can play for hours with their imaginary toys or friends. The imagination is the great friend of possibility. And then comes the adult, telling the child not to dream and to look at reality instead. So the child leaves the fertile imagination that brings him or her fun and happiness. Now the child does not know where to turn, until he or she turns to the spiritual path.

Jun 17, 2010No Comments

Drinking at the Lake

There are seven layers of awareness. One does not have to go to the end of the layers to feel the lake. It is always there, ready to take you on a spiritual journey. An experience has become a product. Do not look for experience; just look for the moment.
Then look for nothing, and let it all happen. Pay attention to your life, and your life will pay attention to you. And always remember that your Beloved loves you deeply, no matter what. It is nothing less than nectar.

Jun 14, 2010No Comments

The Mother’s Path

As you live with courage of love, you become warriors on the Path of the Mother. You learn to become soft in the hands of love. When you forget the Mother within, you forget to live in the Light of your own Being. The Mother’s Path is one of service, compassion and love. You travel away from the ego into the sea of love. You are never in danger of losing your way. You are always being watched and protected. The Path of the Mother is the preparation of becoming the Mother. She will teach you to swim in the ocean of unity. It is this Ocean of Unity has always been alive in your heart.

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