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Archive for May, 2010

May 5, 2010No Comments

The Mother

There is a world of silence in all of us. The silence becomes the Word of the Universal Mother. We find peace in our existence in the silence of the womb. The Mother teaches us of life as we all live and serve. I can think of no better life than listening to the Mother in our hearts. She leads us all during our journey. Her words are poured into our hearts and we learn. We love to learn. We need to learn. Call on the Mother this very second. In the flicker of an instant, She is there with Her arms held out for us to enter, never to be alone again. She brings all end to sorrow and shapes our hearts in the form of joy. Sit this moment and feel this love. The Mother is yours, always and forever.

May 3, 2010No Comments

The Beloved

Always remember your Beloved. Sit and say your Beloved’s name, whoever your Beloved is. There is such joy in the power of love.
Our Beloveds appeal to all of our hearts. How wonderful this interfaith path of love is! All are included. None left out. No one can escape the Divine Mother’s love. Ask for the Mother, and She will be there – wherever you are.

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