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May 25, 20101 Comment

Enriching Your Life

You can live in open space, without restrictions, more often than you know. The more you make of the reality of this, even in small ways, the more you can enrich your own life. This space gives you more breathing room to live and understand life. There is an inner radius that the Universal Mother gives you as a gift that expands as you become more aware of your life. There is a kind and gentle pathway to all your dreams. This can only come from awareness, mostly of your own beauty. You all have gotten a glance of your loving heart. The beauty of this is your own individuality.

May 21, 20101 Comment

Relaxing and Feeling

Through Kali Natha Tantric Yoga, the yogi releases any tightness in the body. One recovers the capacity for feeling; Kali Natha Yoga teaches us not to be afraid of our feelings but to work with them.
Breathing in light and letting out toxic emotions can lead us closer to the Source. Doing this type of breathing spiritual exercise for about 10 minutes every day will leave the yogi clear in his efforts to expand.

May 19, 2010No Comments

The Sweetness of Life

The best thing you can do for yourself is to fill yourself up on love every morning. Do deep breathing before you get out of your bed.
Feel any clouds of darkness disappear. Now you are ready to start your day. The sweetness of life will make you its own. The sweetness of life is the Mother, who always wants you to be happy.
She does everything She can possibly do to accomplish this. Remember all throughout your day that gratitude is the greatest source of joy.

May 18, 2010No Comments

Devotion and Confusion

Confusion is an ego mind-game that causes you to waste time over and over again. It makes for indecisive action and poor reasoning. It keeps you unstable. Confusion is the ego’s chatter directing your life. To get rid of confusion, stop asking yourself so many questions and use your intuition. Decisions should be natural and should come from the heart. Expanding your mind comes from stretching the intellect.

May 17, 2010No Comments

The Grace of the Beloved

Know that you are so valuable in the eyes of your Beloved; therefore, you must feel your worth in your own heart. To your Beloved you are everything. She or He can see nothing less than everything that you are. This love wants to be known. Once you understand this, you are the richest human in the whole world.

May 13, 2010No Comments

Trust and Love

Insecure people often perceive that so many others are mistreating them. When someone has a different opinion, you begin to think that they do not like you. This keeps you afraid of getting close to anyone. Your reaction system is totally out of balance. By knowing deep in your heart that your Beloved is always with you, your reaction is so different. You begin to believe in yourself and in others.

May 12, 2010No Comments

The Mother

There are times when you feel that you cannot see out of the darkness of your life. Call on the Universal Mother; she will bring you confidence and joy that will break up the darkness and lead you into the light of your life. She will never fail you. Even if you do not understand, it is wonderful to know that the Mother will lead you out of every moment of pain if you call on her. The Mother promises to be with us always, and she is.

May 11, 2010No Comments

Emotion and the Ego

When you do not have gratitude for what you do have, you stop the process of receiving more of what you want. The ego has you begin to think you are the underdog. The ego constantly brings your mind into uncomfortable positions. In that moment, do something to move yourself closer to your dreams. If you can have hope and want things without the ego’s power, you put yourself on the path of receiving. Sit in meditation and quiet your mind with your breath. In this way you change your Universe.

May 10, 2010No Comments

The Blessings of the Breath

Every Being craves and hopes for happiness in life. When we search for happiness, at times it is hard to find. Yet when one stills the mind through the watching of the breath, happiness is not far behind. Radiate joy. Control your anger by paying attention to the breath. Develop awareness of the breath. So much can change in your life when you do this. Awaken yourself from dullness, and bring the now into your life by meditating on the blessings of the breath.
Continue to perfect yourself, breath by breath.

May 7, 2010No Comments

The Bliss of the Formless

The bliss of the Formless is eternal and unconditional. Every human being exists to discover the bliss of the Self and the nectar of the Formless.

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