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Archive for April, 2010

Apr 27, 2010No Comments


Be open to new experiences this day. Do not inhibit yourself by being self conscious. Make sure you know that your Beloved is with you. Be free like a child. When our hearts are open to new moments, we can receive and we can create. Use creativity for its own sake. Do not seek recognition. Awareness awakens the mind as a whole, and the mind responds to creativity and love. Love is the natural function of every human being.

Apr 26, 2010No Comments

The Power of Love

There is inexhaustible will power in all of our hearts. We all have the power to love and to love well. Without the power of love we are all nothing. With the power of love we are all roses in Her, The Mother’s Garden. The Self is the source of Shakti on every level of one’s being. You all have the ability to love deeply and to love well.
Silence the mind and love with all your strength. Discover the stream of Cosmic Love by being still and listening to your heart beat.
Say you Beloved’s name and feel yourself growing lighter and lighter.
Reach out to your inner being and find God and Goddess deep inside waiting for you to come. Watch your spirit unfold and notice you can develop greatly in meditation. Bathe in the eternal light of the Mother. You are free, you are free.

Apr 23, 2010No Comments

The Sacred Mist of Gratitude

I look over my Ganga this early morning and can feel the mist of gratitude over our Sacred River. You may not be familiar with the expression, the mist of gratitude. When there are so many students in one place loving their Beloved, there is a mist that lingers over waters that are considered Sacred – like our Ganga. This mist comes from the heart of the seeker. It is like leftover love that simply spreads out, no matter where you are.

Apr 22, 2010No Comments

Kali Natha Yoga

Kali Natha Tantric Yoga is life’s process toward the universality of existence. It is the movement toward the Tantric Mother. It has the aspects of many paths of yoga, and is said to be the ancient original yoga that Lord Shiva gave to the Nathas. Kali Natha Yoga combines many of the yogic paths together as you learn the meaning of movement and the source of this movement. It is in harmony with one’s evolution Kali Natha Yoga is the watching and feeling of Mother Kundalini rising from the base of the spine to return to Eternity. It is the yoga of the mystics.

Apr 12, 2010No Comments

Intuition and the Self

Instead of dwelling over the immensity of darkness in life and the impossible task of attempting to overcome it, one must continue to unravel the vision of the self. The Self is always reachable. We all know intuitively which path to follow to bring the Self into the forefront of life and to see spirituality in everyone. There is infinite energy of spirit when you use your intuition. There is nothing you cannot accomplish when you learn to listen to your intuition. This is the reflection of your Divine Self.

Apr 9, 2010No Comments

The Bliss of the Breath

There is such joy that flows between you and your Beloved. When you do not believe in yourself, this joyous flow begins to stop. It is when you are wide open that you receive so much. Take a few moments simply to watch your breath. Feel your breath, and then feel the breath cover you like a warm blanket.

Apr 8, 2010No Comments

Gratitude for the Breath

This night as you lay yourself down to sleep, think of your day. Think of the many blessings you have received this day. And with all your heart give thanks for your breath. The breath that keeps you alive and vibrant. The breath that leads you to your Beloved.
The breath that knows the next step. The breath that knows. The breath that contains wisdom.

Apr 7, 2010No Comments

Mother and Our Divinity

After practicing meditation for awhile, you can bring yourself to yourself. You can begin to develop self-worth. You can embrace kindness instead of selfishness. All this can happen from learning how to meditate. Keep it simple and your life will become simple. Negative emotions come from constantly contradicting yourself. This is the ego causing confusion. When you sit simply and keep your heart open no matter what, you vibrate with the Universe and can be whatever you want to be. Know for sure that you are a positive being; you can overwhelm all that is negative.

Apr 6, 2010No Comments

The Mother’s Love

When I think of the sense of the sweet grace that we all have because the Christ has risen, I can feel His blessed eyes enter my heart. We are all religions, and yet we are none whatsoever. All we know is that we love, and then we love more. I throw myself in love’s delicious fire, and I send to all of you sparks of this love.

Apr 5, 2010No Comments

Spirit and the Beloved

Spirit is the only creator there is, and the choice that will show you spirit is deep within all of you, yet easily available. You regenerate the body from day to day, atom by atom, in order to be one with your Beloved. It is the spirit within that brings you up to par each moment. Spirit is omniscient and comes forth through concentration and focus. It is good to meditate with a picture of your Beloved in front of you. This way you learn to understand the value of spirit and the simple joy of recognizing it. Neem Karoli Baba has always taught me to teach of the spirit that lives and lingers in the heart even after death. One is never alone, for spirit is always within easy reach.