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Mar 11, 2010No Comments

The Connection to the Self

I want you all to think when you meditate this morning how you are linked to all that is around you, above you and below you.
Meditation is like this. It connects you to all that will teach you about whatever you feel that you need or want to know. When you are flowing, you are connected to all of the cosmos. There are no accidents; it is subtle but true. Life does not have to bang you on the head with a board before you realize how connected we all are.
Be free about knowing this. Be free about learning by reading.
Be free and try to be happy, and yet do not try too hard.

Mar 11, 2010No Comments

You Are Your Beloved

Your Beloved lives in the mystic cave that we all have in the deepest part of the chest. Your Beloved will show you how to use your intuition, if you are quiet enough to listen. Sing of your Beloved’s praises. Find your tears of joy. Dance before your Beloved. Bathe in the nectar of your Beloved’s bliss. In serene meditation you can feel your Beloved’s breath in your heart.

Mar 10, 2010No Comments

A Child of Love

Let us increase our pace toward the Universal Mother. Tell your mind that you want to increase your sensibility of sight and sound through sight and sound. You will begin to expand your mind if you begin to tell your mind that you are a child of love. Your mind must listen to you. There is no doubt in my mind that your mind will listen to you. You are the controller of your destiny. I can hardly wait to teach and share with you the road of feeling toward a better life.
And as you become sensitive to the way you are feeling, the muscle of the sixth sense begins to develop.

Mar 8, 2010No Comments

The Reality of Life and Death

As you begin to sit, see yourself in the tenderness of nature, perhaps by a clear lake. Remember it is up to you to set up your meditation. You begin to breathe in and out deeply, loving the breath. The breath is your connection to life and death. Following the breath can bring you close to your Soul. Remember, reality can come to you like the speed of light. The breath is the reality of life and death.

Mar 7, 20101 Comment

Chakra Meditation

Become alive and filled with spirit. Meditating on the seven main chakras brings you closer to your divine self. Do this meditation any time you have time. You will find inside of you a sense of peace and joy.

Mar 5, 2010No Comments

The Peace of Great Tranquil Waters

Thoughts can fill your head and bind you to negative feelings all day long. You can use your awareness to stop thoughts that have no roots and bring you back into the place of the heart. This brings you back to the now and opens the gates of your Being. Say to yourself, “My Beloved, you have brought me peace, the peace of great tranquil waters.”

Mar 4, 20101 Comment

The Listener & The Knower

It becomes very exciting to be the listener. There is so much to hear in a way of simplicity; therefore, so much to learn. Pretend you are sitting on a park bench watching people pass. You have to do this without judgment. A person is walking slowly past you as you are sitting on the bench. Look straight at the person’s spiritual heart chakra. Try to feel what they are feeling without judgment.
Allow your own beating heart to merge with theirs. You will feel your heart open or close, it does not matter. Send a blessing to them.

Mar 1, 2010No Comments

Stretch Your World

Each one of us has an intimate connection to who we truly are. The motivation to feel who you are is the ability to feel – simply to feel. You have to first develop a feeling of what you are interested in. Soon you will find that so much is interesting to you. You begin to stretch your world. You want the information that will help you to succeed and become curious about your own world.

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