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Mar 31, 20101 Comment

Living in the Moment of Death

At times one feels helpless in the face of death. One should whisper something beautiful in the ear of the dying. There is more life at the death bed than at any other place. Your sole attention should be placed at the dying moment. If the dying person is trying to say anything, then listen with all of your being. Try to be in the moment of life, and watch how two people come together on the raft of life: you and the dying. Make a raft of strong and beautiful words to send across the ocean of life. You only need to understand love and how beautiful you are at the moment of death.

Mar 28, 2010No Comments

Confusion and Procrastination

Confusion is a mind game that the ego sends you to cause you to procrastinate. It stops you from getting things done. And yet the mind keeps going back to what has to be done, so depression finds a way of getting into your psyche. Confusion brings poor concentration. Confusion comes from the ego asking too many questions, such as, “What should I do now? And then the ego sends you many more questions. Nothing gets done, and you become depressed from procrastination. When you feel there is a conflict in your mind, begin to meditate on your heart – and soon you will find that procrastination falls away from your life.

Mar 26, 2010No Comments

Meditation on the Mother

Meditation is an open door to a world of bliss and understanding. It also lets you see yourself as never before. You may not like at times what you see or feel, but you definitely will feel quite different. Your reactions to life will change for the better. By getting to know the Mother, you get to know yourself.

Mar 25, 2010No Comments

Silence and the Beloved

Little by little you become used to the silence on the path. In the silence you learn how to interpret the world in a spiritual way that will last you all of your life. Never worrying about the attachment of the world, the seeker seeks his Beloved at all times. Your Beloved cries out, “Have no regrets when you finally walk with the heart of death.” Death cannot reach out to the one who breathes in the silence of the path. Death walks along side of the seeker. You have the mystical heart, always working toward the oneness.

Mar 23, 2010No Comments

Yearning and Fear

Yearning greets what you desire. Yearning with gratitude for that which you have is the secret to receive what you want and need. Being obsessive ties you to that which you do not have. Don’t obsess – do action!

Mar 21, 2010No Comments

Ego and Confusion

In the attempt to understand life, one becomes confused; and this confusion stops you from living fully. Agree to look at your feelings. Does your decision make you feel good or not? Take a look at your body and listen to what it is trying to tell you.
Allow the ego an escape route. Everything gives off energy. Always ask yourself how you feel about any issue. See if you feel disappointed with any choice you make. This happens because the ego creates unnecessary questions that have no answers. This is done on purpose. The ego knows that it confuses you, and confusion is hard to get rid of. The ego lives deep in your mind, and yet it has no roots.

Mar 20, 2010No Comments


Meditating makes us stronger and calmer.
You can observe your feelings, whether they are pleasant or uncomfortable. You can become stronger when you can see how you are doing in everyday dealings. This is not judging; this is only becoming aware. Meditation brings perceptions, and perceptions can light up your intuitions,
creating a space where you are not so confused.

Mar 19, 20101 Comment

Anger and the Ego

There are many reasons that one gets angry and filled with rage. Start on your road to freedom by understanding that you feel anger in the heart when the ego tells you that the goals you set cannot be reached. Yet if you sit quietly, you will feel that you did reach some of your goals, and that the ego is blocking the results.

Mar 18, 20102 Comments

The Strength of Awareness

The strength you all have is beyond anything you can imagine. It is all about awareness of the ego and how to let go of what you do not need. Your experience within yourself allows you to know yourself like never before. You learn to understand the different personalities that you exhibit in your life and how you can recognize them before they have a chance to fully bloom. It is always about awareness: your awareness in yourself and in others. You can reach for a good-feeling thought that will bring you to the moment of the heart. This does exist. Your Beloved will show you how you can find it before it takes form. You are the form it is looking for.

Mar 15, 2010No Comments

Confusion and Choice

Making the right choice is difficult for so many. Confusion comes from asking many questions. Try to stop asking some of your questions and figure them out yourself. There are so many answers that one gets confused. By being aware one can figure out what choices to make. Do not be afraid of failure. Failure is the fastest route to understanding life.

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