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Archive for February, 2010

Feb 1, 2010No Comments

The Quiet of Surrender

It is all in you. Your innate wisdom comes from the realm of your Higher Being. In the quiet of surrender, you are being blessed with your own blessings.Not only do you have your questions answered in the simplest way; you also have the questions put in a way that you can understand them. Your Beloved is not trying to test you or bring you to the lowest realm of thoughts; the Beloved tries to bring forth that which you already know. The path that Kundalini travels always ends in the heart; the heart always teaches love, and love is the highest realm. You learn about surrender, which is all about you to listening to the beauty of your Higher Self.

Feb 1, 2010No Comments

Love of the Beloved

The question today is, “How can my Beloved love me with all my flaws? Does my Beloved know of my flaws and my imperfections?” Do you not understand that you are part of your Beloved? Do you not know that you are the most perfect human to the eyes and heart of your Beloved? I ask you, where is this question coming from? Who has hurt you so deeply that you cannot feel this love shaving away at that which you do not need? At the heart of your being, you are pure beauty.

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