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Jan 29, 2010No Comments

The Invisible Embrace of Love

The Rhythm of the Universe is like the Mother’s Rhythm: always there, always here. Come dance with your Beloved in the invisible embrace of love and trust. You are the truest sound of the Universe. Can you feel this love?

Jan 29, 2010No Comments

Intuition and the Beloved

Intuition is simply the answer to choice, or choices. The Mother of Intuition is an atmosphere of pure devotion. Everything is there in the Mother’s arms. All the different cells unite, and the answers to so many questions become clear. The breathtaking moment of listening to your intuition and it is proven to be the right choice brings such confidence. There is no time in intuition, as it always changes. The signature of your intuition is not to prove you are right or wrong. It just is. Your Beloved takes your ego thoughts and points the way to your own intuitive moment. The Beloved is not your intuition, although He or She is always part of everything that is in you.

Jan 28, 2010No Comments

Kali Natha Yoga Teacher Training

Through Kali Natha Yoga, people can grow stronger and be more kind to themselves and to others. At all the Kali Natha Yoga intensives, this Ma teaches more deeply. Our next weekend Kali Natha Yoga Teacher Training program begins on Feb. 12. There is not a time that your Ma takes everyone so deep in an intimate setting as when I share this Yoga with all of you. I look forward to being so much with you and having you come closer to your Beloved through Kali Natha Yoga.

Jan 27, 2010No Comments

Merge with Your Beloved

The Beloved always invites us toward the great elegance of Soul.
There is an immense dignity when you merge with your Beloved. Sometimes in the stillness of meditation, you can hear your Beloved call you. The Beloved arrives in our lives, filled with the radiance of the Emptiness. For a while you are caught up in the beauty of the Soul. It is when the ego has you take the beauty of Soul for granted that you begin to feel separate. Always know that your Beloved is there and will never abandon you. You are His or Her love and always will be.

Jan 25, 2010No Comments

The Dance of Shiva Shakti

This teaching embraces all religions and all mystical paths. None are left out. The rhythm of Kali Natha Yoga is in your heart, and you will recognize the sacred mood of sun and moon and the rhythm of the many stars that are always lit in your honor. You can have it all. None are left out. There is no prejudice or bigotry.
There is just the powerful dance of Shiva Shakti that goes on and on across the universe.

Jan 21, 2010No Comments

Using the Law of Love

Create for yourself a path of understanding of others, and watch your life change. Using the living spirit within you to go toward goodness has you karmically in the moment. By using the law of love, you can feel the power of love and spread it around. When you serve others, you go within yourself and you can see clearly what your next move should be. Kindness always keeps your heart open and in the moment.

Jan 19, 2010No Comments

The Rhythm of the Mother

Inside of you is great beauty. This beauty comes from the heart of the Universal Mother. The task of Mother and child is to dance together, honoring all of life and death. There are no boundaries in this dance; there is only an avalanche of awareness. What a great gift this awareness is!

Jan 18, 2010No Comments

Trust in Your Beloved

Where does trust of the Beloved begin? Trust begins with a little trust that grows and grows. This trust can grow by practicing what is given to you. Begin by placing your trust in your Beloved.
You grow in meditation. Your love begins to expand to having love for all beings.

Jan 13, 2010No Comments

The Rhythm of your Beloved

As you watch your breath this day, feel your whole body energizing. You are being taken into the rhythm of your Beloved. When you close your eyes, you can see the energy flowing inside you and all around you. I want you all to prepare yourselves by noticing how aware you can become if you put your mind to it. This is the higher mind. This is the mind of the yogi – the Tantric yogi and yogini.

Jan 12, 2010No Comments

The Universal Force

Watch how the Universe communicates with you. Become aware of everything around you. See how everything is energy. The Universal Force flows in you always. Become aware of it flowing.

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